Abbreviations and Links

ARH – stands for the following titles of the same publications: The Present Truth (1849-1850); The Advent Review (1850); Second Adventist Review and Sabbath Herald (1850-1851); The Advent Review, and Sabbath Herald (1851-1856); Advent Review, and Sabbath Herald (1856-1886); Advent Review and Sabbath Herald (1886-1961); Review and Herald (1961-1971); The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald (1971-1978); Adventist Review (1978-   )

ECD – East-Central Africa Division

ESD – Euro-Asia Division

EUD – Inter-European Division

IAD – Inter-American Division

MENA – Middle East and North Africa Union Mission

NAD – North American Division

NSD – Northern Asia-Pacific Division

SAD – South American Division

SDA – Seventh-day Adventist

SID – Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

SPD – South Pacific Division

SSD – Southern Asia-Pacific Division

SUD – Southern Asia Division

TED – Trans-European Division

WAD – West-Central Africa Division


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