Limejuice, Willie Julius (1914–2000)

By Nation Amadi Nation


Nation Amadi Nation

First Published: January 29, 2020

Willie Julius Limejuice was a pastor and church administrator from Nigeria.

Early Life, Education, and Marriage

Willie Julius Limejuice was born January 14, 1914, at Degema, in Degema local government area of Rivers state, Nigeria. His parents were Williams Julius Limejuice and Ipom Limejuice Chiekwe.1

Willie Julius Limejuice, at a tender age, ran away to stay with a paternal uncle in Ikuroms where he learned how to fish. He was a good fisherman and a renowned diver. He was also a carpenter, palm cutter, and cane chair maker; skills that were very handy during his pastoral life.2

Willie Julius Limejuice attended St. Barth’s School, Degema, for his primary education, but he was compelled by bad sight to suspend his educational ambitions. Later, his ministerial career afforded him the opportunity for further advanced courses and in-service training.3

Willie’s first exposure to Christianity was in the Anglican church at Degema, a requirement for attending church school. He enjoyed singing. In 1933, Willie felt sick and had a dream in which he was told that someone will come to Degema to teach him the right way to follow God. In 1934 two Seventh-day Adventist missionaries from America, accompanied by Tom Sokoro and others from Otari Abua, came with the Adventist message. Willie and his group were shown from the Bible that the seventh day was the true Sabbath, and that it was changed by the Catholic Church.4

He married Bala Inengi of Degema in 1934. The marriage produced two children, Remith Limejuice and Zaneni (Amukele). Remith died in infancy in 1962, Bala had a debilitating stroke that kept her incapacitated until she passed away on May 6, 1986. On March 9, 1989, he married Margaret Jackson of Oboburu in Ogba in Rivers state. Margaret had a daughter, Sirvosuo Wisdom Arlene Limejuice, in 1992.5


From 1940 when he was baptized until 1942, Willie took care of the local congregation at Degema after he concluded evangelism meetings. Then in early 1942, the Seventh-day Adventist church administration wrote him twice, at two-month intervals, requesting him to join the ministry, which he declined. After his marriage in 1938, his wife persuaded him to join the ministry at the age of 28. He served in Omoku, in 1943, under Pastor Stephen Ogbonna, he was reassigned to Degema in 1944, and from 1945 to 1970 he served in various parts of the Nigeria East Mission, including Degema, Omoku, Aba, Umuobiakwa, Ogba, Elele, and Eleme. While he was serving at Elele, when the East Nigeria Mission was reorganized in 1970, and he was invited to be the first Rivers Mission president. When his term was over, he was assigned to Eleme where he retired in 1982.6

Pastor Limejuice died at Braithwaite Memorial Hospital in Port Harcourt on April 5, 2000, after a brief illness. He is survived by his wife and children.


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