Far Eastern Division Outlook

By SukHee Han


SukHee Han

First Published: January 29, 2020

Far Eastern Division Outlook (FED Outlook) was a monthly magazine published by the Far Eastern Division. In 1919, the Asiatic Division was split into the Far Eastern Division (FED), the Australian Union Conference, and the India Union Mission.1 The FED was made up of China, French Indo-China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore-Malay, and Thailand. In 1995, the name of the FED was changed to the Asia-Pacific Division which lasted for only two years before it was bifurcated into the Northern Asia-Pacific Division and Southern Asia-Pacific Division.2

The name Far Eastern Division Outlook first appeared on the May 1924 issue, which was published in Shanghai, China.3 The April 1924 issue was published with the name Asiatic Division Outlook, which means that, even though the division’s name was changed in 1919, the former division’s name was still retained as the magazine’s title.4 However, the origin of Far Eastern Division Outlook may be traced back to as early as 1912, when it was initially called News Letter for the Asiatic Division.5 In the forward of the first volume, the publisher explained:

At the general meeting held in Shanghai, January 24 to February 11, 1912, it was voted by the China Union Committee and also by the Asiatic Division Committee that a Monthly Newsletter be prepared in Shanghai and sent to all the foreign workers in the Asiatic Division.6

Therefore, this issue of the News Letter for the Asiatic Division, printed on April 1, 1912, may be regarded as the beginning of the Far Eastern Division Outlook.7

In summary, the name of the periodical was changed three times: News Letter for the Asiatic Division (1912-1914); Asiatic Division Mission News (1914-1917); Asiatic Division Outlook (1917-1924); and Far Eastern Division Outlook (1924-1994).

Until the March 1919 issue, the Asiatic Division Outlook recorded that it was published by the Asiatic Division Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.8 But in the next issue it was recorded that the Asiatic Division Outlook was published bi-weekly by the Far Eastern Division of Seventh-day Adventists.9

The Publishing locations also changed several times throughout the history of the magazine: Shanghai, China (1912-1931); Manila, Philippines (January 1932-February 1932); Baguio, Philippines (March 1932-October 1936); and Singapore (December 1936-December 1994).

The editors of the periodical were: Not known (Apr. 1912-Mar. 1914), Mrs. R. C. Porter (1914-1917), Mrs. C. C. Crisler (1917-1922), Division Secretary (1922-1930), Eugene Woesner (1932-1933), W. P. Bradley (1934-1936), C. L. Torrey (1937-1938), W. P. Bradley (1939-1941), L. F. Bohner (1943-1945), W. P. Bradley (1945-1946),10 C. P. Sorensen (1947-1959), A. E. Gibb (1960-1965), Don A. Roth (1966-1975), Jane Allen (1976), Not known (1977-1994).11

Even through times of wars and difficulties, the Far Eastern Division publishing team faithfully discharged its duties in the publication of this vital magazine, sharing the news and progress of the church and mission activities throughout its territories from 1912 to 1994. The Outlook, as it was frequently abbreviated, served as a channel of communication encouraging and inspiring Adventist believers around the globe. It suspended publication only during the height of World War II, from 1942 to the first quarter of 1945.12


Asiatic Division Outlook, April 1, 1912 to April 2, 1930.

Far Eastern Division Outlook, May 1, 1924 to December 1, 1974.


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