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Mindanao Mission Academy

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Mindanao Mission Academy

By Maribel L. Honor, Jesreel Mercader, and Marchie Mercader


Maribel L. Honor

Jesreel Mercader

Marchie Mercader

First Published: November 11, 2020

Mindanao Mission Academy (MMA) is a private secondary institution operated by the North-Central Mindanao Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Established on July 14, 1947, it is the oldest Adventist high school in the Southern Philippines, and the fifth-oldest in the entire Philippines.1 Since its founding, Mindanao Mission Academy has faithfully served the needs of Adventist education among the constituents of Northern Mindanao, especially the provinces of Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon, and Lanao Del Norte. It offers a program of study geared towards the development of the physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions of life in fulfillment of its philosophy, mission, and vision. It also offers a complete secondary education with specialized tracks in the senior high school curriculum, namely: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS), and Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM).2

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the school has registered an enrolment of 876 students in 2020, the highest enrolment in history.3

Developments that Led to the Establishment of the School

On July 1, 1946, the Mindanao Mission opened an elementary school called the Mindanao Central School at Cagayan de Oro. Because of this large enrolment, mission officials voted on May 25, 1947, to establish an academy in the Mindanao Mission and the present 20-hectare lot along the national highway of Poblacion Manticao, Misamis Oriental, Philippines, was purchased.4 The site was acquired through the untiring efforts of the administrative committee of the then-Mindanao Mission (which later became South Philippine Union Conference) under the leadership of the late Pastor Apolonio Somoso, the president of Mindanao Mission and also chairman of the Academy board. Hence, it was named Mindanao Mission Academy.5

History of the School

On July 14, 1947, the school named Mindanao Mission operated as a complete secondary school with 10 teachers including the principal, Pastor Arsenio S. Poblete.6 Classes were held temporarily in army tents. A residence was rented to serve as girls’ dormitory, principal’s office, and business offices, and another tent was erected to serve as boys dormitory. The administration building along with two dormitories, a dining hall, and five teachers’ cottages were constructed.7 In 1948, these buildings were completed through an outlay of funds from the General Conference, the Far Eastern Division, and brethren in America.8 That year, the school graduated eight seniors in its first class and issued three more diplomas at the end of the summer session.9 It operated under a government permit for two years. Since July 1, 1949, the school has been fully recognized by the Department of Education of the Republic of the Philippines.10

Since the division of the Mindanao Mission into five parts – Davao, Northeastern, Northern, Southern, and Western – the Mindanao Mission Academy serves the Northern and Northeastern Mindanao missions. Three other academies have been established, one for Davao (Southern Mindanao Academy), the second for Southern Mindanao Mission (Matutum View Academy), and the third for Northern Mindanao Mission (Lake View Academy).11

In 1949, Philippine Union College (presently the Adventist University of the Philippines) operated a college extension program at Mindanao Mission Academy offering two-year courses such as Elementary Teacher Certificate, Bible Instructor, and Associate in Arts, Associate in Secretarial Science, and Associate in Commercial Science on the campus.12 The school offered work programs in the farm, wood shop, etc. This provision of work reclaimed many out of schools and helped students in the extension program of PUC.13 Andres Nathaniel Nelson, who founded Mountain View College, set idealistic criteria for a college campus and was determined to find a site in response to the growing interest in Christian education within the Philippines. His search focused on the island of Mindanao since part of the criteria involved the incidence of typhoons, which was a rare occurrence in that island. The campus of Mindanao Mission Academy served as MVC's temporary campus from 1949 to 1952.14 Considering the bright prospect and need for another college to serve the Adventist young people in Visayas and Mindanao, the South Philippines Union Board secured a piece of land in Bukidnon. College operation at MMA was moved in 1953 to a newly established Mountain View College in Valencia Bukidnon.15

Development in School Facilities and Infrastructure

In 2010, Pastor Don Richards Generato, who served MMA as principal for three years (SY 2007-2008 to SY 2009-2010), was called to lead God’s work in Western Mindanao Academy (presently, Western Mindanao Adventist Academy) in Dumingag, Zamboanga del Sur. The Mindanao Mission Academy Board, under the leadership of Pastor Aner Tero who was then president of North Central Mindanao Conference, met and prayerfully discussed for a new principal to lead MMA. The MMA Board approved that Jesreel Diamante Mercader, MMA Boys Dormitory dean and Bible teacher who held a professional license in teaching and completed a master’s degree program in education (majoring in administration and supervision and religious education) in 2007 at the Adventist University of the Philippines—serve as principal starting July 15, 2010.16

Dr. Michael T. Oliverio, Sr., MMA Class 1950 was the very first alumnus whom Mr. Mercader communicated with at the start of his leadership. Through the use of a Magic Jack sponsored by Melvin Gagatam, Mercader frequently updated Dr. Oliverio and other MMA alumni in the United States of America on the activities, programs, needs, and projects of MMA. With the all-out support of Pastor Elbert Moralde, class president of MMA Class 1971 and president of the US-Based MMA Alumni Association, and his wife Dolly Allarde-Moralde (Class 1970), Dr. Oliverio and US-based MMA alumni began sending financial support to the school and even made yearly visits to see for themselves the physical condition of the school. During the school years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, the construction of the Ladies Hall, administration building, and the cafeteria took place with an approximate 90 construction workers involved in these projects, working day and night under the supervision of the principal himself.17

Finally, in 2013 with the presence of California MMA Alumni: Dr. Michael T. Oliverio, Sr. and his wife Gloria Operana-Oliverio; Dr. Elbert Moralde and his wife, Dolly; Buena Salarda-Lamanero (Class 1960), Fely Ponce-Mina (Class 1957) and Zee Valendez-Postrero (Class 1966)—all graced the 2013 Grand Inauguration of 3 MMA buildings and one vehicle: Ladies Hall, M. T. Oliverio Administration Building, and the Gloria O. Oliverio Culinary Center, and a brand-new Grandia GL van. Among the distinguished guests during the said affair included administrators, directors and MMA alumni workers of South Philippine Union Conference, Mountain View College, North Central Mindanao Conference, Adventist Medical Center-Iligan, and Adventist Medical Center College.18

In 2014, Dr. Oliverio bought a 35-seater bus for MMA, and this was used for the church visits from singing groups (by year level), especially by the official school singing group, the MMA Teens Praise, which staged concerts in Zamboanga City, Pagadian City, Ozamiz City, Zamboanga del Sur, and in Western Mindanao Academy (now WMAA). This bus was also used for long-distance Teachers’ Retreat to Surigao del Norte, Surigao del Sur, and Davao City. Eventually, the bus was sold to Lake View Academy (now Lake View Adventist Academy), and Dr. Oliverio bought an air-conditioned 45-seater bus to replace the old bus. But God’s great might and miracles did not end here; 2013 and 2014 were but the beginning of the overflowing of God’s grace and goodness to His work in MMA.19

In 2015, Mercader attended the International MMA Alumni and Friends Reunion in Texas during the week of the General Conference Session of 2015; he also visited homes of generous alumni in California after the GC session. It was during this time when Dr. Oliverio committed to sponsor the first 40-footer van with donations in kind from MMA alumni and friends within Southern California. In December of that same year, Mercader travelled from Florida to California to help Pastor Elbert Moralde in inviting alumni and friends to donate appliances and equipment for MMA and later load the 40-footer van with all gathered donations for MMA. MMA alumni and friends donated office chairs, tables, cabinets, cafeteria equipment, motor pool equipment, laboratory equipment, computers, laptops, sofa sets, books, and many other valuable school facilities which MMA has used. From 2015 to 2018, Dr. Oliverio sponsored five 40-footer vans loaded with goods and equipment for MMA (two of which were sent to MMA in 2018).20

Because of God’s grace and goodness to MMA, US-based and Philippine-based alumni shared their blessings for the construction of faculty duplexes: Dr. Agripino Segovia (MMA Class 1949) and his wife, Elvira, sponsored the principal-treasurer’s duplex inaugurated in August 2015; Five alumnae sponsored the duplex that stands next to the principal-treasurer’s duplex to the right (inaugurated in 2016); Ralph Canales (MMA Class 1996) and his wife, Rochell, sponsored the duplex standing next to the Ladies Hall to the left; Jezreel Bag-o (MMA Class 1992) and his wife, Nory, sponsored the duplex (inaugurated in 2017) standing next to Ralph’s and Rochell’s; and Estrella Go-Zagorski (MMA Class 1967) sponsored the duplex (inaugurated in 2018) standing behind Jezreel’s.21

From School Year 2015-2016 until SY 2017-2018, God strengthened MMA by providing means for the construction of the Senior High School and then the Junior High School buildings which were joined together, located at the center of the campus. The Senior High School is the main building of the whole campus. This project was also a joint project of the school and Dr. Michael T. Oliverio, Sr., who was also called “MMA’s Most Notorious Giver.” During the phenomenal celebration of MMA’s 70th Founding Anniversary and the Grand Alumni Homecoming in March 2018, the Senior High School and the Junior High School building were inaugurated, along with the faculty duplex sponsored by Estrella Go-Zagorski.22

In December 2017 and December 2018, Mercader and his family—wife, Marchie Lagra-Mercader—MMA faculty, and three children—visited California under the sponsorship of Dr. Oliverio and California-based MMA alumni and friends. During these two Christmases, the family attended the Joint MMA-MVC Alumni & Friends Reunion in Palm Springs, California, and in San Diego, California, respectively. Mercader visited alumni and friends within Southern California and invited them to share donations for the school, to which many generous and kind-hearted brethren responded positively. The family also staged concerts-for-a-cause in which proceeds benefited MMA working students and students who are financially challenged and the MMA Church Project. The Waterman Fil-Am SDA Church, International SDA Church of La Verne, Inter Valley SDA Church, and Light Above SDA Church were the particular churches that the valley visited and gathered funds through their love offerings. In the 2018 concerts, Dr. Jeannie Daroca-Generato and her children Elleia Jeanil, Wilper, and Elleinah Jayden shared time, talents, and treasures with the Mercader family—all for the benefit of God’s work in MMA.23

In 2017, MMA Principal Pastor Jesreel Mercader was ordained into the ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In the same year, El Aureo – The MMA Class of 1997 headed by their Class Vice-President Dr. Karlah Faye Bacomo, visited MMA to celebrate their 20th year as a group and to celebrate with MMA her 70th Founding Anniversary. The class distributed 150 food packs among poor children in Poblacion, Manticao, Misamis Oriental, and surprised MMA with a kitchen showcase for TLE classes, a library sofa with built-in bookcase for the library, and Spirit of Prophecy books. During this same year, Misamis Oriental Vice-Governor Honorable Joey Pelaez donated books to MMA Library in response to the request of MMA’s principal Mercader. In 2018, God granted even more blessings to MMA through the school’s purchase of an NHR van and Dr. Oliverio’s donation of an ambulance and the 45-seater air-conditioned bus (which replaced the 35-seater non-air con bus). During the blessing of school vehicles, the MMA Board graced the said event; newly acquired vehicles of MMA teachers were also included in the blessing ceremony.24

Missionary In-reach and Outreach Endeavors of the School

The Sabbath Afternoon Ministerial Seminar program focusing on the Branch Sabbath School approach has been a missionary training for MMA students since the pioneering years; teachers and students work hand-in-hand in sharing Jesus to the young members of the community by teaching them songs, Bible verses, and Bible stories with the aid of picture rolls, My Bible Friends, Best Stories, and Power Point Presentations of moral stories, Bible stories, and videos of children’s religious songs. The annual Voice of Youth Crusade has also trained students to deliver health lectures and Bible truths to the adult members of the community, and stories and songs for the children of the adult attendees. From School Year 2010-2011 and onward, more efforts of developing the spirit of service and the spirituality of MMA students as well as their leadership skills through new programs: first, the small group/foster family Midweek Prayer meetings wherein permanent groups of 8-9 students are assigned to one or two trained student facilitators and to one faculty member—together they study the Bible, share insights, answer guide questions, share personal testimonies, and pray for each other; second, the dormitory encounter—a once-a-month Adventist Youth program that allows students to form small groups in the dorm facilitated by one or two student leaders and chaperoned by a lady teacher (for Ladies Hall occupants) and by a gentleman teacher (for Gents Hall occupants)—each group goes through several activities from 3:00-5:00 in the Sabbath afternoon including Bible games, writing Warm Fuzzies, sharing personal experiences, reading the Bible together, participating in a forum based on the Bible reading, sharing feelings and ideas through drawing, and many others; third, teachers and selected student leaders were assigned topics every Tuesday and Thursday nights for Bible Study sessions in both the Ladies Hall and the Gents Hall during evening worships—most topics focused on the Seventh-day Adventist Church fundamental beliefs; fourth, a Week of Prayer by dormitories was held and led by Dr. Marcelo Sigue (MMA Class 1970) and his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Sigue, in 2017 a few months after conducting the MMA Faculty Spiritual Retreat;25 fifth, student prayer warriors visit dorm rooms to ask for prayer requests and to pray for the occupants of each room at least twice in a week in 2017—this way, students are able to appreciate the value of listening and praying for their fellow students and in turn, students being ministered to learn to value prayer and concern from student leaders who visit and pray for them; sixth volunteer students join the summer program of the Literature Ministry and learn to earn their own income and at the same time live the life of canvassing missionaries in Cagayan de Oro City, Camiguin, and in General Santos City; and seventh, volunteer students join the school’s Teen Ambassadors—a group of SDA and non-SDA students who are willing to spend more time with God through prayer and Bible Study and participate in praying for fellow students, as well as getting involve in prison ministry and community outreach activities—with their pioneering teacher coordinators Jim Brylle Adrian Cacho, Geraldine Rosales, CJ Ann Bala, and Bernabe Apare.26 In addition, MMA Vice-Principal Maribel Honor led out in a ministry called Donate a Bible and Save a Soul wherein 250 Youth Bibles were distributed to non-SDA Grade XI and Grade XII students on December 11, 2017; Pastor Marcelo Sigue and his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Sigue, led out in the sponsorship of the Bibles. Moreover, Duke Harvey Tenchavez, one of MMA’s student leaders and former editor-in-chief for the official publication of the school—Seaside Echo—initiated a soap ministry in which working students receive monthly toiletries from 2015 until Duke’s graduation in 2019.27

Awards and Recognition of the School

God graciously granted MMA the privilege to shine for Him in division and regional events. During the Private Schools and School Administrators Association of the Philippines (PRISSAAPP) Region X Second Regional Youth Fest on November 18, 2016, at Kong Hua School, Cagayan de Oro City, MMA won in three events: Champion for Poetry Writing (English Category) with Duke Harvey Tenchavez as representative; Second Place for Essay Writing (Filipino Category) with Julie May Barcenal as representative; and Third Place for Essay Writing (English Category) with Elleia Jeanil Generato as representative.28 At the annual role play contest held at Centrio-Ayala Mall in Cagayan de Oro City, MMA bagged the champion’s title for two consecutive years. The Dulaang Pangmamimili Role Play Competition was an event organized by the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Education of Region X; MMA attracted the audience and judges’ attention by using the musicale as genre of their presentation and by using fluent and straight English throughout the performances, unlike rival schools who used code-switching in their plays.29 The 2017 cast of MMA’s musicale, “Rights to Possibilities” included: J. C. Jay Asoy, Ar-el Wyn Sabino, Kyrsten Jean Perez, Hadrian dela Cruz, Iana Ysobel Generato, Scott Gahum, Julie May Barcenal, Glebech Angelic Elaine Sotto, Rey Allen Dagondon, Emerson II Obedencio, Marc Jereel Earl Borja, and Jydd Casanos; musicians involved were Vanessa Dulay, Kyrsten Jean Perez, and Jared Dexter Pagala. The 2018 cast of MMA’s musicale, “Fair Chances” comprised of J. C. Jay Asoy, Chauncey Larke Estoque, Crisel Faith Pacut, Emerson II Obedencio, Marc Jereel Earl Borja, Jydd Casanos, Donn Crizwill Vicera, Vic June Francisco Jr., Gerard Daniel Mendez, Julie May Barcenal, Don Homer Gonzales, Jared Dexter Pagala, and Euler Bob Alburo.30 While one of the MMA Grade XI parents, Arleen Bautista-Uy volunteered to serve as MMA’s polishing stage acting coach in 2017, MMA Alumnus Laureto Lao and his wife, Elsie, sponsored the stage acting workshop of the 2018 cast whose coach hailed from MSU-IIT’s Ipag, official stage performance group.31 During the 2018 Division Schools Press Conference held at the Manticao Central School in Poblacion, Manticao, Misamis Oriental, MMA won the following events:32 First Place in TV Broadcasting (Filipino Category) participated by Klydelle Wyne Nietes, Zyrl Gwyne Catipay, Julie May Barcenal, Honey Kha Baroro, Chauncey Larke Estoque, Vaughn Joseph Imperial, and Kristel Jane Noval; Second Place in Editorial Cartooning (English Category) participated by Rey Cabanilla and Second Place in TV Broadcasting (English Category) participated by Ar-el Wyn Sabino, Jydd Casanos, Florabelle Kaye Ibale, Kyrsten Jean Perez, Don Homer Gonzales, Vic June Francisco Jr., and Joshua Adecer; and Third Place in Radio Broadcasting (English Category) participated by September Marie Daohog, Lee Nemson Edillon, Felliesse Karyl Ibale, Adreil Sombilon, JC Jay Asoy, Emerson II Obedencio, and Jayhiedale Malaga. On September 26-27, 2019 in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental, MMA received awards during the 2019 DSPC: First Place in TV Broadcasting (Filipino Category) participated by Crisel Faith Pacult, Jessel Balansag, Honey Kha Baroro, Zryl Gwynn Catipay, Enzolie Murillo, Vaughn Joseph Imperial, and Chauncey Larke Estoque; Second Place in TV Broadcasting (English Category) participated by Jydd Casanos, Ednylle Anderson Torres, Feljan Maravillas, Llorhea Franchette Rojas, Kyrsten Jean Perez, Crizwill Donn Vicera, and Ricsh Al Dominic Babatido.33 Most importantly, the Adventist Accrediting Agency granted MMA 3 years of continued service during the AAA Evaluation in 2013 and this grant was effective until December 31, 2016; furthermore, AAA granted MMA 4 years to continue serving her constituents within and beyond North Central Mindanao Conference until December 31, 2020.34

Subsidies and Student Assistance

In School Year 2010-2011, God blessed MMA with the ESC Grant, a government subsidy for students’ tuition which students receive from Grade 7 until Grade 10. Because of the ESC fund from the government, the Grade 7 enrollment improved as the government increased the number of subsidy recipients every school year—from 12 recipients to 20 and later 30 students. Today, the school has been given 150 Grade 7 student recipients of the ESC grant. During the SY 2010-2011, MMA was also able to renew her SEC registration, which had expired for already 13 years; along with this, the BIR granted MMA official receipts, which has been one highly important requirement for schools to acquire while continuing its operation.35 In 2016, the Department of Education granted the school the authority to operate with the additional Senior High School program, particularly the Academic Track and the Technology and Vocational Track; starting with over 200 Grade XI students comprising STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences), and ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management). The government provided Senior High School students’ subsidy which was granted to Grade 11 students who completed Grade 10 in public schools and students who completed Grade 10 in private schools with government subsidies—ESC or EVS. The MMA faculty had lifted up their request to God on helping the school improve its enrolment (which has ranged from 200 to 260 students since 2002); through the SHS subsidy, God answered the sincere prayers of MMA faculty. In 2016, MMA enrolment increased to 410; in 2017, 547; in 2018, 726; in 2019, 815; and in 2020, 823 as of August 4, 2020. With the enrolment boom in the school, MMA Board approved the hiring of additional teachers so that starting Academic Year 2016-2017, MMA had 24 faculty and staff, 30 for Academic Year 2017-2018, 35 for Academic Year 2018-2019, 41 for Academic Year 2019-2020, and 37 for Academic Year 2020-2021.36 MMA alumni and friends have contributed strongly to the financial support of financially-challenged students; select underprivileged students were given subsidies for tuition and other school fees by alumni including Ava-Septe Salarda-Derequito and her husband, Clifford Dhonn Derequito, Attorney Randel Ty, Yvonne Gayao-Bersamin, Rezon Rei Ty, Luthar Ian Nermal, Jezreel Bag-o, Cel Ardin Zalsos, and friends including Moe Zonke, Melvin Gagatam, Jerubem Era, Glee Ondap, and JP Gulfan.37

God’s Amazing Grace Amidst COVID-19

From June 1, 2019, to April 13, 2020, MMA’s former Vice-Principal Dr. Alberto Ponsica served as principal.38 On April 14, 2020, the MMA Board met and approved that Pastor Jesreel Mercader, NCMC-assigned church pastor for the Adventist Medical Center Campus Church in Iligan City, returned to MMA and served as principal.39 During the next three months, God manifested His power, protection, and provision to MMA. Firstly, MMA’s Music Coordinator and Teens Praise Director, Nigel Solis (MMA Class 1981) initiated, organized, and produced a Facebook LIVE series of concerts involving members and alumni of the Teens Praise, willing MMA alumni with their family and friends, and the members of Musicreation II (a singing group outside MMA which Mr. Solis is also leading out; members are MMA alumni and SDA students and alumni of MSU-Naawan). All concerts from April to May 2020 generated a total amount of 139,700.40 The proceeds were used to purchase goods which were distributed to frontliners in Manticao, Lugait, and even in the Adventist Medical Center-Iligan City; goods were also distributed to Manticao drivers of habal-habal, tri-cab, and sikad.41

Secondly, MMA administrators have diligently saved enough in the previous years in preparation for “the rainy days” and the forecasted “season of drought”) and were able to provide for the financial needs of MMA regular and non-regular workers: regular workers focused on their academic requirements—preparing instructional materials for distance learning (modular and online distance learning modalities), and they received their full salary at the end of the month; non-regular workers who were re-hired worked on output-based arrangement—each time they finished a refined output, they received their salary. Aside from this, MMA gave teachers crisis assistance in cash and in kind. God also sent financial assistance to MMA teachers through North Central Mindanao Conference, South Philippine Union Conference, and through Southern Asia-Pacific Division and the General Conference. The local government also gave out relief goods in 4 waves; these have sustained the stranded students and teachers during the quarantine period due to COVID-19.42

Thirdly, MMA took care of 19 stranded students (from Tawi-Tawi, Palawan, Bukidnon, Sultan Kudarat, and Thailand): South Philippine Union Conference shared P20,000; MMA Alumna Melody Bliss Gevera-McNally (Class 1997) sent assistance for relief goods; an anonymous MMA alumna also shared one tray of eggs for each of the students; the local government of Manticao included the stranded students in the recipients of relief goods; and MMA faculty also shared their homes, camaraderie, food, and spiritual refreshment to these students while they waited for their time to travel home or to travel to their nearest relatives.43

Fourthly, the school started and finished its project in collaboration with the Home and School Association for Academic Year 2019-2020: the construction of ramps (covered pathways) from the gate to the main building (Junior and Senior High School building), from the main building to the Gents Hall, from the main building to the Ladies Hall, and from the main building to the Gloria O. Oliverio Culinary Center (commonly called the cafeteria).44

Fifthly, students, parents, and guardians chose MMA for the coming academic year, which is also part of the “new normal” wherein students either opt for online distance learning modality or the modular distance learning modality. As of March 23, 2021, MMA had 869 enrolled students for both the Junior High School and the Senior High School.45

Sixthly, MMA alumni and friends sponsored approximately 70 students this school year—working students and the underprivileged in the community; sponsors include Ava-Septe Salarda-Derequito & Clifford Dhonn Derequito, Sandra Querol-Lao, Atty. Arniel & Montessa Bronola, Jonathan Monfiero, Lennard Tabaranza, Class 1996, Class 2012, Light Above Seventh-Day Adventist Church, and many others.46

Lastly, MMA faculty have created online virtual ministries during the crisis and even beyond: Facebook Live Sabbath Services, MMA Virtual Campus which started on August 14, 2020, MMA Hope FM Radio (on test broadcast and currently undergoing permit processes) and the Online Homeroom Devotional. MMA Alumni Attorney Randel Ty and Cristina Marie Bartolome-Ty have contributed much for the purchase of virtual livestreaming cameras and studio equipment; alumni who sponsor monthly episodes of the MMA Virtual Campus include Sharlyne Ruado, Yvonne Gayao-Bersamin, Dr. Doreen Leigh Bello-Belga, Rhodora Dulay-Serina, Baby Lovely Joy Lago, Rojem Cajan, Leevan Joy Olarte-Palencia, Margie Clarete-Baculao, Bethel Querol, Emvie Lloyd Pagunsan-Itable, Edwin and Lhemy Jumawan and Lynbebethjoy Maghuyop-Tulang. Through these ministries, the great gospel commission which is to tell the world and prepare people for Christ’s soon return shall continue to be proclaimed into all the world through Mindanao Mission Academy.47

List of Principals

A. A. Poblete (1947-1953); U. M. Oliva (1953-1954); P. D. Rocero (1954-1955); D. M. Hechanova (1955-1956); A. C. Solivio (1956-1959); D. B. Alsaybar (1959-1963); U. M. Oliva (1963-1965); R. C. Ferrer (1965-1970); G. M. Murcia (1971-1972); L. T. Maypa (1972-1982); G. B. Mendoza (1982-1985); J. S. Paypa (1985-2007); D. R. T. Generato (2007-2010); J. D. Mercader (2010-2019); A. B. Ponsica (2019-2020); J. D. Mercader (2020-present).


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