Mangilima, Godline W. (1965–2007)

By Mazara Edward Matucha, and Kossam Mwambeta


Mazara Edward Matucha

Kossam Mwambeta

Godline W. Mangilima was a minister and church administrator from Tanzania.

Early Life

Godline W. Mangilima was born in Bunda, Mara Region, in Tanzania, on June 25,1965, to Augustine and Hellena Mangilima. He spent his early life in Bunda Town, which was then booming economically and attracting many people of varying religious beliefs. It is said that while he was passing by the bus stand, he saw a large poster with a portrait of a preacher, but he could not understand. As he walked farther, only a few meters ahead, he bumped into the very person whose portrait he had seen on the poster. He was thrilled and decided to follow the man, only to find himself attending a big Adventist evangelistic meeting. At the end of the meeting that evening he decided to return the next day. At the end of the series he decided to join the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and was baptized December 13, 1980. He was only 15 years old.1


Godline Mangilima attended Mugaja Primary School. He took the primary school leaving examination and became the first ever student to attend a secondary school from that primary school. There were very few secondary schools in Mara Region at that time. He later attended Kilosa Agricultural Secondary School in Morogoro, and completed his Ordinary Level Education in 1988. At that time students who went to technical schools were to join either Moshi Technical School or Mbeya Technical College. He was selected to join Mbeya Technical College for a Full Technician Certificate in 1993. From 2001 to 2004 he studied for a degree in theology, and graduated in 2004.2

Career/Ministry and Death

While in Mbeya, Mangilima met a pastor named Ananilile Mwaipopo at Mbeya Camp meeting. There was a great revival at that camp meeting, and when a call was made for those who would like to join the ministry, Godline straight away responded to the call to serve God as a pastor. When recalling this incident, Pastor Mwaipopo says, “When I met that young boy I could see a minister in him. I could see a leader full of wisdom and ready to serve God, so I immediately contacted Elder Simon Bukuku, South West Tanzania Field, and after the interview, Godline was called and sent to a very challenging district of Mbozi.”3 Mangilima served there from 1993 to1995. In 1996 he served in Mbalizi District for one year, then Iringa from 1997 to 2003. He then served the South West Tanzania Field as Youth Department director (2003-2005). In 2004 he was elected South West Tanzania Field executive secretary, a position he served until he died in a car accident in 2007.


Mangilima is remembered for his exceptional service and commitment, which inspired many youth to join Master Guide training and to join the ministry. He is also remembered for his ability to bring unity where there was discord, as when he pastored the difficult districts of Mbozi, Sumbawanga, and Tunduma.


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