Green View Ghana Conference

By Joseph Agyemang


Joseph Agyemang

Formerly part of the Mid-West Ghana Conference, the Green View Ghana Conference is now a part of the Northern Ghana Union Mission in the West-Central Africa Division of Seventh-day Adventists. It was organized in 2015, and its headquarters is in Goaso-Brong Ahafo, Ghana. Located in the southwestern part of the Brong Ahafo, its territory is comprised of the districts of Asutifi North, Asutifi South, Asunafo North, and Asunafo South in the Brong Ahafo region. It extends from Ntotroso in the Asutifi North District and to Sankore in the Asunafo South District. The conference shares boundaries with the Mid-West Ghana Conference at Atronie and Amaasu, the South West Ghana Conference at Babiani, and the Central Ghana Conference at Tepa. The territory is home to farming settlements which raise cocoa. It is predominantly populated by Ashantis (Twi-speaking people) among other ethnic groups. As of June 30, 2019, it had eighty-nine churches with a membership of 7,404 among a population of 323,778.1

Origins of the Adventist Work in the Territory of the Conference

The Seventh-day Adventist Church started in the Ahafo area at Sankore in 1948. Laymen from the Ashanti Region (Opanin John Manu, Opanin Sarpong, Opanin Antwi, and Madam Ellen Mansah), who settled in this town for cocoa farming, preached the message of Christ to the inhabitants. They organize the scattered Adventist farmers in the nearby villages. Due to Elder Opanin John Manu’s able leadership and commitment to Gods’ work, they conducted house to house visitations. Eventually, some Adventists from nearby villages, who had hidden their identity, came to join this company of believers.

During this time, they worshipped at Elder John Manu’s house.2 In fact, as the disciples were called Christians at Antioch, these believers were called “John Asore” (John’s church). The devotion and dedication of these members enabled them to build their own church. These laymen moved to Kwapong with the help of Pastor J. S. Dwomo and established another church there. While there, they met Opanin S. O. Aboagye, Joseph Acheampong, and Madam Elizabeth Manu who formed a strong singing group to help the laymen in their evangelistic work.3

Around the same time, Opanin Benjamin Osei, who had moved from Antoa-Kumasi to settle in Goaso, invited the laymen from Sankore to help him establish a church in Goaso. He was assisted in Goaso by Elder J. B. Asiedu, S. K. Boama, and F. K. Amankwaa. With the help of these people, a church was established in Goaso. In 1965, Goaso district was created comprised of churches in Kenyasi, Sankore, Goaso, Manhyia No. 4, Alavanyo, and Kwapong. Each of these congregations have since planted additional churches and become independent districts. The first district pastor was Aikins Amponsah, who served from 1967-1970, although prior to his arrival, Pastor Onyina had been sent there as district evangelist.

Between 1967 and 1970, Aikins Amponsah led the laymen to establish more churches within the district. Among them were Kenyase, Tepa, Camp No.1, and Ampenkro, Alavanyo. All these churches were supported by laymen who had moved from the Ashanti region to Ahafo for cocoa farming.4 In Hwidiem, Opanin Atakora, Opanin Addai, and Madam Elizabeth Manu were the founding members and elders. In Kenyasi, the elders were J. K. Manu, Kwarteng, andS. O. Aboagye, who had moved to Kenyasi to nurture the church. Goaso district of churches eventually grew to become the Green View Ghana Conference.5

The first Goaso District elders were John Manu, S. O. Aboagye, and Joseph Addo from Ayomso. Early pastors of the district were S. K. Onyina, Aikins Amponsa (1967-1970), W. G. Mensah (1970-1972), J. M. Dikunu (1973- 976), and B. K. Opoku. After 1973, pastors J. S. Okyere, Ampadu, and Kukonu were among those sent to Tepa.

The hard work and dedication of both pastors and the laity in the Mid-West Ghana Conference, who bought into the slogan “We grow as we divide,” resulted in the creation of the Green View administrative unit.6 On August 1, 2014, the Green View Ghana administrative unit officially commenced operation with its head office at Goaso. It included six districts.

The inauguration of the conference was held on November 15, 2015, with guests from all walks of life attending. Among the dignitaries present were J. K. Badu (stewardship and trust services director, West-Central African Division), K. O. Amoyaw (first president of the Mid-west Ghana Conference), Northern Ghana Union Mission officers, and representatives of sister conferences.

The administration took steps to create eight more districts making fourteen districts in the early part of 2015.7

List of Administrators8

President: Maxwell Ntim-Antwi (2015- ).

Secretary: Joseph Agyemang (2015- ).

Treasurer: Nuamah Donkor (2015- ).


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