Mutwol, Eliezer Kiptabut (1926–2014)

By John Kemboi


John Kemboi

Eliezer Mutwol was a prominent Adventist farmer, businessman, lay leader, and evangelist in Nandi, Kenya.

Early Life

Eliezer Mutwol was born 1926 at Chepkunyuk near Nandi hills in eastern Nandi, Kenya.1 He had his early education in local schools before attending the Government African School Kapsabet in Nandi. After his education at Kapsabet, he was employed as an agricultural cooperative officer in Nandi. After he retired from this position, he purchased some land and became a successful large-scale farmer and a businessman.

Becoming an Adventist

Before becoming an Adventist, Mutwol was a devout member of the African Inland Church. His wife was the daughter of a pioneer AIC pastor. He even donated land to the denomination to construct a church. However, on a visit to Israel in 1987 he was moved to convert to Adventism. He questioned why people worshipped on Sunday while the Saturday Sabbath was observed in the Promised Land. On his return from Israel, he joined the Kimolwet Adventist Church in 1987.

He became an active member of the church and was eager to share his faith with those he knew. He initiated the Kimolwet Adventist Secondary School and served as the first chairman of the board. He was generous with his finances and sponsored many needy students to the university. He fully sponsored two Adventist pastors for ministerial training. He donated his vehicles to transport Adventist youth, women, and men on evangelism missions in far flung places such as West Pokot in northern Kenya and Maasai country in southern Kenya. In these places he donated food and clothes to needy people and planted churches.

Later Life

When he was old and sickly and unable to walk, he donated his new vehicle to the conference for evangelism saying, “Let it be my legs to finish my work for God.” Shortly thereafter he passed away on March 26, 2014, at age 88, and was survived by his wife and children.


  1. Note

    This article is based on the information provided by Milcah Mutwol and Boaz Rotich in an interview by the author in Kimolwet on April 20, 2019.


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