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The Journal of Adventist Education Special Issue 2020-2021

Photo courtesy of The Journal of Adventist Education® archive.

The Journal of Adventist Education®

By Beverly J. Robinson-Rumble, and Faith-Ann McGarrell


Beverly J. Robinson-Rumble graduated from Atlantic Union College with a B.A. in English and earned a Master’s degree in Journalism at the University of Maryland. She began to work on The Journal of Adventist Education in September 1971, and served as the Editor from 1991–2014. Now semi-retired, she continues to help with production on JAE and Dialogue, and recently served as an editor of the 36-chapter volume, Handbook of the Integration of Faith and Learning (in press). She also volunteers at a local park and assists in teaching an English as a Second Language class for immigrants.

Faith-Ann McGarrell, Ph.D. (Andrews University) is the Editor for The Journal of Adventist Education. Prior to this appointment in 2014, she served as associate professor of teaching, learning, and curriculum, and the director of the curriculum and instruction program at Andrews University. McGarrell holds a bachelor’s and master’s in English literature, a doctorate in curriculum and instruction, and has taught at all levels, PreK-higher education. Born in Guyana, South America, McGarrell spent her growing up years in Guyana, Trinidad, and the United States.

First Published: September 16, 2020

The Journal of Adventist Education® (JAE) is a professional, peer-reviewed educational journal published in English primarily for teachers and other educational personnel in the Seventh-day Adventist school system worldwide. JAE contains general articles on Adventist education philosophy and practice, and specialized articles written specifically for teachers of all levels. The Journal of Adventist Education® publishes occasional theme issues that deal with a variety of subjects, such as the practical application of Christian education, the integration of faith and learning in the classroom, and training for school board members and trustees.1 It is the official journal of the General Conference Department of Education,2 and a member of the Association of American Publishers (formerly Educational Press Association of America) and the Associated Church Press.3 An international edition in French, Portuguese, and Spanish appeared twice per year until 2017. Beginning in 2017, this, too, became a quarterly publication.

From inception, the General Conference Department of Education has been the publisher of The Journal of Adventist Education. Education leaders felt the need to provide educators in the world field with inspirational and devotional material that supported Christian education in the home and school. Articles soon began address informational and practical articles on a variety of topics relating to integrating faith with learning in Adventist schools and classrooms. First published as Christian Education: A Magazine for Home and School in 1909, it was renamed as follows: Christian Educator: A Magazine for Home and School in September 1915; Home and School: A Journal of Christian Education in September 1922; The Journal of True Education in February 1939; and, The Journal of Adventist Education® in October/November 1967.4

Similarly, the Journal has had several printers that not only printed, but also distributed the Journal within the United States and overseas. From 1909 through 1924, the Journal was printed by Review and Herald Publishing Association. This relationship continued except during the following years: 1932-1938, Southern Publishing Association; 1980-1988, University Printers; 1988-2000, 2002-2009, Southwestern Color Graphics; 2000-2002, College Press; and, 2009-2016, Pacific Press Publishing Association.5

Initially, the Journal was published as two-month issues, five times per year (October/November, December/January, February/March, April/May, Summer). Beginning in 2018 with volume 80, the Journal began following a quarterly production schedule: January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December.

From 1970-2016, basic circulation ranged between 6,000-9,000, with an additional 5,000 copies printed for the quinquennial General Conference Editions. In 2016, The Journal of Adventist Education® Advisory Board voted to transition to an electronic format to further extend and achieve the 1976 Annual Council action that every Adventist teacher and educator at every level, both within the North American Division and overseas, have access to the Journal.6 Beginning in 2017, the Journal adopted a digital format, and published as an app accessible as a free download from iTunes and GooglePlay, and as an electronic version on the JAE Website:

The JAE Website includes a searchable database of articles with abstracts from 1982 onward. Readers can search by Author, Title, and Issue. In addition, the Website provides Guidelines for Authors8 and Calls for Manuscripts.9

The Journal of Adventist Education® has been recognized with several awards from the Association of American Publishers and the Associated Church Press.10

Each year the Journal publishes special theme issues and sections which feature articles that address the range of philosophical and practical aspects of a topic. Special issues and sections are typically coordinated by a guest editor. Issues and sections of note are as follows:

*Educating for Eternity: Compilation of Plenary Presentations to the 2016 Annual Council, Silver Spring, Maryland, U.S.A., coordinated by the Journal of Adventist Education staff (April-June 2017). 2018 Award of Merit for Theme Issue (Whole Issue), Associated Church Press.

*Special Education Issue coordinated by Luana Greulich (December 2015/January 2016)
2017 REVERE Award for Single Issue Design, Association of American Publishers.

*Adventist Education in the Urban Setting coordinated by Ella Smith Simmons and Davenia J. Lea (Summer 2015). 2016 Award of Merit for Reporting and Writing (Whole Issue), Associated Church Press.

*Mathematics: Special Section coordinated by Will Clark (April/May 2013).
2014 The Award of Excellence for Reporting and Writing (Section), Associated Church Press.

*Principalship and Administration Issue coordinated by Janet Ledesma (October/November 2012). 2013 Distinguished Achievement Award for Whole Issue Design, Association of American Publishers

*Special Continuing Education Issue by George R. Knight (October/November 2010). Translated into French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Between 1978 and 2010, The Journal of Adventist Education® published Continuing Education (CE) articles on several topics. K-12 teachers in the North American Division could take a test over the content of each of these articles to obtain 0.5 Continuing Education Units or 5 Contact Hours credit toward denominational recertification. The study materials did not convey college credit or credit toward state certification/recertification.

Beginning in 2015, Continuing Education reverted to the North American Division’s Adventist Learning Community (ALC).11 ALC offers online CE courses to individuals within the NAD and in other Divisions of the world church that will honor the CE courses.12


Christian Education: Frederick Griggs, 1909-1910; H. R. Salisbury, 1910-1913, J. L. Shaw and W. E. Howell; 1913-1914, W. E. Howell; 1914-1915.

Christian Educator: W. E. Howell, 1915-1916, 1918-1922; Frederick Griggs, 1916-1918.

Home and School: W. E. Howell, 1922-1930; Mrs. Flora H. Williams, 1930-1938.

The Journal of True Education: W. Homer Teesdale, 1939-1946; Keld J. Reynolds, 1947-1955; Richard Hammill, 1955-1963; Thomas Sinclair Geraty, 1963-1967.

The Journal of Adventist Education®(English): Thomas Sinclair Geraty, 1967-1970; Walton J. Brown (acting editor), 1970; Garland J. Millet, 1970-1978; Victor S. Griffiths, 1978-1990; Beverly J. Robinson-Rumble, 1991-2014; Faith-Ann McGarrell, 2014-.

Associate Editors: International Edition (French, Spanish, Portuguese):
Enrique Becerra, 1995-2005; Luis Schulz, 2005-2015; Julián Melgosa, 2015- .

Advisory Board Composition:
Chair (GC Director or Associate Director of Education); Secretary (JAE Editor); Consultants (GC Associate Directors of Education, Division Directors of Education), others by invitation.


General Conference Department of Education.

General Conference Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research.

The Journal of Adventist Education® (JAE) Homepage (2020):


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