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​Floyd Garfield Ashbaugh was a pioneer colporteur missionary, youth leader, temperance promoter, and church administrator.

Leonardo Remulta Asoy was an Adventist pastor, youth leader, and Sabbath School leader, and a “dynamic promoter and supporter of evangelism.”

Arthur Ray and Patsy Carolyn Corder served the church as missionary educators in Philippine Union College (now Adventist University of the Philippines) and Antillean College (now Antillean Adventist University) in Puerto Rico.

Hjalmar A. Erickson, a medical missionary doctor, served with his wife, Helen, in Africa, China, and the Philippines. He was a hospital director, author, prisoner of war, and veteran of the United States Navy.

Horace Alvin Hall was a teacher, chemist, physician, surgeon, medical missionary, writer, editor, and hospital administrator.

​Clarence and Wanda Hamel were missionaries in the Southern Asia Division, particularly in India and Pakistan.

Jess C. Holm was a soldier, missionary medical doctor, medical director, educator, and writer who served in Far Eastern, Afro-Mideast, and Inter-American divisions.

​Salvador Genis Miraflores was a renowned educator, a prolific writer, and an accomplished editor.

Henry Albert Novak was a missionary medical doctor, hospital director, and World War II veteran.

​Robert Parks was a missionary in the Philippines where he served in education, administration, evangelism, and music.

William B. Riffel served the church as a teacher, missionary, mission director, and church administrator.

Alva Paul and Avanelle Ruth Ritz spent two decades as missionaries in the Far Eastern Division. They were instrumental in the establishment of the first Adventist church in Bangkok in 1933. They also pioneered the Adventist work in the northern part of Thailand.

Oliver and Hasel Sevrens could be considered the early pioneers of Adventist education in the Philippines. Among their many other contributions, the Sevrens were instrumental in the construction and development of the Seventh-day Adventist Academy in the Philippines.

​Neil Ramon Thrasher was a missionary doctor and medical director. He was a surgeon, and a certified specialist in radiology who served with his wife, Lucille Bertha (Daniel), in North America, Africa, and in several countries in the Far Eastern Division.

​Norma Ione Youngberg was a poet, creative writing teacher, prolific author, and pioneering Adventist missionary in Borneo—the third-largest Island in the world, which is now politically divided among three countries: Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia.