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Theofil Theofilovich Babienco served the Seventh-day Adventist Church from 1913 to about 1970 as pastor, missionary, administrator, educator, and translator in Canada, the United States, China, Mongolia, and Poland.

Theofil Arsentievich Babienko served the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a pastor, pioneer native worker, and missionary in czarist Russia, Romania, and Canada.

Sergey Semyonovich Efimov was a pastor and evangelist in Russia and Ukraine.

Grigoriy Andreevich Grigoriev was a pastor and church administrator from Russia.

Anton Feofanovich Grinenko was a pastor, evangelist, and martyr for Christ in the 1900s in Ukraine.

Ivan Mikhailovich Kucheryavenko was a pastor, evangelist, and martyr for Christ in Ukraine and Russia in the 1900s.

Ivan Aleksandrovich Lvov was a pastor, church administrator, and editor from Russia.

The first Adventist tracts were brought to Ukraine in 1882 and actively distributed in Crimea by Philipp Reiswig. The first Adventists appeared in 1886 in Crimea in the village of Berdy Bulat, as a result of baptism conducted by Pastor L. R. Conradi.

Anton Vasilievich Vasyukovich was a Seventh-day Adventist evangelist and martyr.

​Avgustina Zozulina and Mikhail Zozulin served the Seventh-day Adventist church as pioneer missionaries, Bible worker/pastor, and publishers in Siberia.