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Bwasi Secondary School is an Adventist educational institution located by Lake Victoria in Musoma Rural Council, Musoma, Tanzania. German missionaries first started it in 1909.

Ikizu High School is an Adventist institution located in Bunda Rural Council, Musoma, Tanzania.

The Kuria live in Tarime district of northern Tanzania. Like other African tribes they have particular cultural practices, which include circumcision for males and genital mutilation for females. Circumcision is removal of the foreskin of the male sexual organ and the partial or complete removal of the clitoris or labia for females. This practice is done as an initiation rite into adulthood. Any youth who did not undergo this rite was despised and called murisya, if male, or mosagane, if female. Children of uncircumcised mothers were considered a curse and would be killed or sent away from the land while the mother herself was to be expelled from the area because she was regarded as a curse and could rarely be married.