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​“A Light in the Way” (Una luz en el camino) is a radio and television program founded by Pastor Enrique Chaij, widely publicized in the Argentina Republic and other countries, which offers distance Bible courses.

​Amazonia Adventist College (Faculdade Adventista da Amazônia, or FAAMA) is a school for elementary, high school, and college education that offers day and boarding school. It belongs to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Brazil.

​Daniel L. Arn was a pastor, enthusiastic diffuser of Adventist publications, department director, and Adventist administrator in the territory of the former Austral Union Conference (Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay) of the South American Division.

​Belem Adventist Hospital (Hospital Adventista de Belém, or HAB) is a medical institution of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Brazil.

Godofredo Block was one of the first ordained Adventist ministers in Argentina and an influential pastor and evangelist, especially among the German communities in the country.

​Pedro Mariano Brouchy was a missionary nurse, pastor, evangelist, and Adventist administrator. He served as a missionary in northern Argentina and as the president of several fields in the former Austral Union Conference (Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay).

​Walton John Brown was the son of missionaries, a pastor, educator, writer, musician, and longtime educational manager, and a missionary in North America, South America and Central America.

​Juan Elías Cayrus was from a Waldensian family and came in contact with Adventism in Europe through Ellen G. White. He emigrated to Uruguay and formed a large Adventist family, whose descendants include pastors, denomination workers, and people committed to the church.

​Nicolás Chaij was an Adventist pastor and a renowned promoter of the publication work in the South American and in the Inter-American divisions.

Thomas H. Davis was a pioneering missionary to South America, especially in Chile and Ecuador.

Daniel Feder was a descendant of one of the first Argentine Adventist families, pastor, and evangelist in Argentina.

André Gedrath was a Scottish Adventist canvasser, missionary in southern Brazil, and pioneer in the medical missionary work in North Brazil.

​The Grão Pará Adventist Institute (Instituto Adventista Grão-Pará or IAGP) is a day school that offers elementary and high school education in Brazil. It belongs to the Seventh-day Adventist Church and is part of the Adventist world education network.

Leo Blair Halliwell, a native of Odessa, Nebraska, United States, was a missionary in Brazil, promoter of the mission medical boat project in the Amazon, and president of Bahia and Sergipe Mission, Lower Amazonas Mission, and North Brazil Union Mission. Halliwell was an engineer, navigator, nurse, administrator, and missionary. Jessie Rowley Halliwell, missionary nurse, served by her husband's side in northern Brazil.

​Reinhardt Hetze was one of the first Adventists in South America and the first person to accept the Adventist message through the missionary work of Geörg (Jorge) Heinrich Riffel (1850-1917) in Argentina.

Romualdo Kalbermatter was a descendant of one of the first Adventist families in Argentina, administrator of medical institutions in Church fields, and pioneer of an Adventist Sanitarium in the north of Argentina.

​Carlos Enrique Krieghoff was one of the first pastors in Chile, and a missionary and administrator in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.

Pedro Cunha Linhares was an Adventist missionary, canvasser in the Amazon river, and evangelist in northern Brazil.

Jorge Juan Lust was part of the first Seventh-day Adventist generation in Argentina and a fundamental supporter of the Diamante Academy (currently, River Plate Adventist University).

Maranhao Conference (Associação Maranhense or AMa) is an administrative unit of the Seventh-day Adventist Church located in the territory of the North Brazil Union Mission (União Norte Brasileira or UNB).