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​Luis A. Bolívar was one of the most outstanding of the early Adventist workers along with Gilberto Bustamante, Tirso and Jorge Escandón, and Samuel Camacho. He distinguished himself as a preacher, administrator, and singer. Like Bustamante, he used his marvelous voice in ministry and evangelism.

​Gilberto Bustamante Zárate was among the pioneers of the Adventist work in Colombia.

​George Worth Chapman was an Adventist educator and missionary who helped establish the Spanish-American Academy in Costa Rica and the Coloveno Industrial Academy in Colombia. This article focuses on Chapman’s years in Colombia.

The first Seventh-day Adventist to arrive in Colombia was Frank C. Kelly, a North American who was not an employee of the church. He settled in Bogotá in 1895. The record shows that American pastor Frank J. Hutchins and Australian medical missionary John Eccles died in Colombia in 1902; so, although they were originally missionaries in Panama, they came to work in Colombia. Samuel Smith, son of Uriah Smith, arrived in San Andrés in 1901, where he worked with Hutchins and Eccles. The first converts to the church in Colombia were baptized in San Andrés.

Colombia Adventist University Corporation (Corporación Universitaria Adventista, also UNAC) is a nonprofit university institution whose primary objective was to offer post-secondary education at the university level. The Inter-American Division endorsed the institution’s establishment, and the Adventist Accrediting Association recognized the programs it offered.

​Tirso Escandón Hernández was a pastor and administrator from Colombia.

​Frank Cortis Kelley was the first Adventist to arrive in continental Colombia from a foreign country and spread the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Not commissioned by the Adventist Church, he was a self-supporting missionary in the capital, then Bogotá, Special District, (now Bogotá, Federal District).

​North Colombian Union Conference is part of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

​Rolando Enrique Peinado Hernández was an Adventist mathematician and educator from Colombia.

​Mario Robinson Kemble was a renowned musician, pastor and church administrator in Colombia, Venezuela, and the United States.

​Samuel Parker Smith, known as Parker or S. Parker, was a missionary to the Island of San Luis, Colombia and Panama.

​Ernest Max Trummer was a missionary and administrator in South and Central America.