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Grace Agnes Clarke was a pioneer missionary to Kenya, educator, church administrator, Bible translator, and lexicographer.

The Adventist Church in Colonial Kenya made its mark in Education, Healthcare, and Publishing, and all of them created jobs for many Africans. The Church was criticized by early nationalists for actively dissuading them from the clamor for independence.

Maurice Cuthbert was the son of pioneer missionary to East Africa, William Cuthbert.

William Cuthbert was a pioneer Adventist missionary, lay minister and evangelist.

​Johannes Nicholas de Beer served as a Seventh-day Adventist Church administrator and a pioneer of several mission stations in Southern Africa.

T. F. Duke was a missionary to Kenya and founder of Ranen Conference.

George Dunder served with his wife, Virginia, as a missionary to Kenya and Tanzania.

Alma Virginia Dunder, née Closser, was a missionary to Tanzania and Kenya with her husband, George, spending 11 years in both countries with the bulk of it in Tanzania.

Eldoret Adventist Guest House is an Adventist hospitality facility in Western Kenya.

The Greater Rift Valley Conference is one of two conferences created when the Western Kenya Conference was divided in 2015.

​Before he became a Seventh-day Adventist, Baleni Gumbo was recognized as the first African to embrace the Christian faith in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

Maureen Patricia Harvey was a medical missionary in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, and South Africa.

The Kaigat Dispensary is the first Adventist health facility that was established in Western Kenya.

The Kaigat Dispersal of 1941 occurred when pioneer Adventists at the Kaigat Adventist Church in northern Nandi decided to relocate to other parts of Nandi, carrying with them the Adventist message to their place of settlement.

Birks Harry Kalulu was an important teacher, an evangelist, and leader in Africa.

Kamagambo Adventist Schools and College is a premier educational institution in Kenya offering Christian education from the elementary to college level. It is a co-educational institution founded on the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of education.

Robert Kamakil was a pioneer Adventist among the Pokot people of Kenya.

Justus Kang’ethe became involved in the early Adventist movement in Central Kenya shortly after the Mission was established at Karura in 1933. He helped open Central Kenya to the Advent message, more particularly in Murang’a.

Kanyadoto Mission is one of the oldest Adventist mission stations in Kenya. It is unique because it was founded by a lay person named Herbert James Sparks early in 1911. It was officially organized as a mission station in 1913. Kanyadoto Mission was dissolved in 1946 and moved to Ranen Hill as part of a new mission setup there.

Jacob Ng’ang’a Karau was a pioneer Adventist in the Kitale Area of Western Kenya and a church planter.