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​Alcides Justiniano Alva Portilla was a recognized Peruvian teacher, researcher, academic manager, and educational administrator in Peru, Argentina, and Chile.

Víctor Enrique Ampuero Matta was a pastor, educator, educational manager, mentor of Adventist youth, editor, writer, lecturer, and leading scholar in South American Adventism.

Fernando Chaij was an outstanding Adventist scholar, pastor, administrator, writer, editor, and religious freedom supporter from Argentina. His ministry strengthened the church in South and Central America, and in the United States of America.

Juan Gastón Clouzet Jenkins was a pastor, journalist, writer, director, publisher, teacher, lecturer, and administrator in the Chile Union Mission and in the South American Division.

Daniel Armand Hämmerly Dupuy, man of science and faith, was an archaeologist, paleontologist, biologist, anthropologist, historian, theologian, as well as a professor, prolific writer, pastor, evangelist, and mentor of Adventist university youth.

​Salim Japas, pastor, evangelist, minister, theology professor, writer, and international speaker, served in South America, Inter-America, and the Middle East.

Daniel Nestares was a pastor, church institutional and field administrator, and department director in the Austral Union Conference of the South American Division as well as in the Philippines and Nepal.

​Juan Carlos Viera served variously as pastor, evangelist, church administrator, writer, and translator.

Egil Wensell was a pastor, educator, educational manager, and rector of Adventist educational institutions.