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​Ralph F. Waddell, M.D., and his wife, Ellen Dick Waddell, pioneered medical mission work in Thailand, taking leading roles in the development of Bangkok Sanitarium and Hospital and its School of Nursing. Dr. Waddell later served as Medical Department director for the Far Eastern Division and then for the General Conference.

Ernest Wagner was a medical director and surgeon at St Helena Sanitarium and Hospital, White Memorial Hospital, Canton Sanitarium and Hospital, Shanghai Medical Center, Paradise Valley Sanitarium and Hospital, and Sonora Community Hospital. He was also a volunteer relief surgeon in Africa and the Orient.

Wallis and Futuna Islands are French overseas territories located in the South Pacific Ocean. The Seventh-day Adventist Church established a presence in the islands in 2007.

​Gustav Adolph Wantzlick was a pastor and church administrator. Wantzlick and his wife, Margaret, were missionaries to the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia).

​The Warburton Sanitarium and Hospital operated under a number of names for 91 years between 1910 and 2001. It commenced as a health home and was sold in 2001 as a hospital and health resort.

Frederick Ward served the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a printer, teacher, and minister. He and his wife, Myrtle Lewis Marrett, are best remembered for their extended service on Pitcairn Island.

Charles Henry Watson was a businessman who became a Seventh-day Adventist pastor. Quickly demonstrating an aptitude for management and leadership, he was ordained within a year of graduating from the Australasian Missionary College, and elected as a conference president very shortly thereafter. He was later elected as the president of the Australasian Union Conference and is to this date the only Australian to be elected as the president of the General Conference.

​Donald Henry Watson was a missionary to Pitcairn Island and worked for the Adventist church in Australia and New Zealand.

​Francis Waugh was a translator for the Australasian Union Conference. She was largely responsible for the regular magazines that served the needs of the Pacific Island nations: Te Maramarama (Tahitian), Tuatua-mou (Cook Islands Māori or Rarotongan), Tala’fekau Mo’oni (Tongan); and Tala Moni (Samoan).

​Anton Hugo Weil was an Australian missionary to the New Hebrides (Vanuatu).

​Isaac C. Wellcome was a leading Advent Christian preacher in the Millerite heritage. A prolific writer, his classic work was "History of the Second Advent Message and Mission, Doctrine and People" (1874).

​George and Ada Wellman journeyed aboard the Pitcairn to the South Pacific in 1894, undertaking mission work on the islands of Raiatea and Rarotonga before ill health compelled a return to California where both served at the Pacific Press.

​Sterrie Wellman’s church career is distinguished by pioneer mission work in the Caribbean and India followed by lengthy service as an associate secretary of the Sabbath School Department at General Conference headquarters.

An administrator for most of his ministerial career, George W. Wells served as president of four local conferences and one union conference and as a General Conference field secretary.

The West Kweichou Mission 贵(黔)西区会 originated in 1927 when a reorganization of territory took place involving the Kweichow 贵州 (later Guizhou) Province.

The West Szechwan Mission (川西区会; West Sichuan Mission) started in 1919 as a subdivision of the West China Union Mission. The provincial capital of Chengtu (成都Chengdu), a Buddhist stronghold, became the headquarters for mission activities.

​Wilma Westphal was a school teacher, departmental secretary, and free-lance journalist who published articles and books under the name Wilma Ross Westphal. She and her husband, Chester, served in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Honduras, in addition to the home conferences of Potomac and Northern California.

John Westrup ministered to Scandinavian communities in America prior to mission service in Henan Province, China, 1905 through 1914.

​William A. Westworth was a pastor, conference president, mission leader, and director of one of Adventism’s earliest radio broadcasting ministries.

Jonathan C. Whatley and his wife, Sophia, were missionaries to Pitcairn Island.