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​Henry and Leonora Barrows were missionaries in China. Henry Barrows is remembered for his business accounting skills, notably as treasurer and auditor at the Shanghai office of the Asiatic Division and as an auditor at General Conference headquarters, Washington, D.C.

​Floyd Bates (貝茨Bèi Cí) and Margaret Bates were missionaries in China. Floyd was a teacher and mission director, and Margaret served as the principal of the mission school for girls in Swatow. Later, after obtaining medical training in America, they established the Canton Hospital, Guangdong Province. Floyd served as physician and superintendent, and Margaret was in charge of the nursing staff and a three-year nursing course.

​Clifford L. Bauer, a conference administrator in the United States and South America, served the Pacific Union Conference for more than 20 years, first as secretary-treasurer and then as president.

​Vernon W. Becker, pastor and educator, devoted the majority of his career to leading local and union conference departments for education and youth ministry.

Benjamin Beddoe, minister and conference administrator, held several positions in the Pacific Union Conference, was president of the South African Union, and served in the General Conference Secretariat for more than six years.

​Stephen T. Belden, a brother-in-law of Adventist co-founder Ellen G. White, was a skilled tradesman who gave needed support to her ministry, particularly during its earliest years and during her sojourn in Australia in the 1890s.

​Charles Bell was a versatile teacher, minister, and director of the Advent Bible School for the Australasian Union Conference. Charles de Vere Bell, known as Vere, was born on April 24, 1868, in the market town of Uppingham in Rutland County, England, to Thomas and Louisa Margaret (Harding) Bell. He migrated to Australia and settled in Queensland where he married twenty-year-old Elizabeth Margaret Orchard in 1900.

​George Belleau served in Canada, Brazil, and the United States as a pastor, evangelist, union and local departmental director, and conference president.

Urbanus Bender was a minister, conference president, and educator in the United States, the West Indies, and Africa.

​Harry Benson served for over 35 years as a minister and missionary teacher in Japan and Korea. He was the longest serving expatriate missionary in the Far Eastern Division during the pre-Second World War years.

​Roy Benton served the church in several leadership capacities, including nearly 20 years in the Southwestern Union Conference as a local conference president and then president of the union.

​The Berean Library was a set of core denominational books issued as inexpensive paperbacks for use in reading programs intended to enhance members’ understanding of and involvement in the mission of the church.

​The Bible Training School was an independent publication produced by Stephen N. Haskell (1834-1922), financed by himself and his supporters. It was issued monthly from June 1902 through August 1919.

​Ross Ewin Goodall Blair was a secretary/treasurer for several conferences and sales manager for the Signs Publishing Company in Warburton.

Sylvester Bliss was editor of the Millerite periodical Signs of the Times, later Advent Herald, and an author noted especially for works countering criticisms from clerics and academia.

​Harold Murray Blunden was a missionary to China, church administrator, including General Field secretary and Home Missions secretary for the Asiatic Division.

Boliu Hospital on the Island of Mussau, Papua New Guinea was opened in 1955. It was closed in 1977 when a government facility opened approximately thirty minutes’ walk from the mission station.

Wanda Eliza (Niebuhr) Boulting was a teacher in the South Pacific Division in the first half of the 20th century.

Allen and Mildred Boynton were trained nurses who first served at Washington Sanitarium, D.C., and at Porter Sanitarium in Colorado during World War II. They served as medical missionaries in various sanitariums/hospitals in the Far East including those in Shanghai, Wuhan (Hankow), Seoul, and Tokyo.

​Graeme Bradford was an Australian evangelist who conducted evangelistic series throughout the South Pacific Division and taught practical theology at Avondale University College for two extended periods.