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​​Walter Wesley Armstrong, the grandson of one of the earliest Adventist families in the British Isles, served the church as a missionary, district pastor, and conference and union president.

Alfred Eli Bacon served the church as an administrator, mission and conference president, and as a local pastor.

​William Thomas Bartlett served the church as a pastor, editor, college principal, superintendent of the East Africa Mission, vice president for the British Union Conference, president of the North England Conference, field secretary of the Northern European Division, and Bible teacher at Newbold College.

Shirley Ann Burton was an Adventist communication professional who served the Oregon Conference, the Pacific Union Conference, and the General Conference.

​Harold Calkins pastored in the Illinois, Pennsylvania, Southern California, and Southeastern California Conferences. He also served as the executive secretary and president of the Southern California Conference and president of the British Union Conference.

​Malcolm Neal Campbell was an early Adventist pioneer who served in North America and the British Union Conference. He served as General Conference secretary; division, union, and conference president; and a district pastor.

​Ellis R. Colson served the church as a teacher, business manager, and school principal at the mission school in Sweden, treasurer for the Northern European Division, business manager of Atlantic Union College, secretary-treasurer of the Minnesota Conference, and pastor in the Minnesota Conference.

​Oscar Milton Dorland served the church as president for the South England Conference, North England Conference, and the Irish Mission, and as vice-president of the South British Conference.

​William Duncan Eva worked for the Adventist Church as a teacher, missionary, evangelist, and president of a number of administrative fields before serving as a general vice president of the General Conference.

The Seventh-day Adventist faith was first brought to the Faroe Islands by Norwegian born O. J. Rost Olsen in 1893.

​Edwin H. Foster was an evangelist, Bible teacher, conference president, and the longest-serving president of the British Union Conference (BUC).

The Adventist message was originally brought to Greenland by fishermen from the Faroe Islands. In 1953 an Adventist named Andreas Nielsen from Denmark began evangelism in Greenland.

The Adventist message was originally brought to Greenland by fishermen from the Faroe Islands who shared Adventist literature as early as the 1930s and 1940s.

​Julius Edward Jayne served as the president of the Conference and Tract Society; editor of The Home Missionary; secretary of the Foreign Mission Board; and president of the Southern New England Conference, Greater New York Conference, and British Union Conference.

​Pastor R. S. Joyce, a pioneer evangelist, served in the British Union Conference, the Central Union Conference, and the Lake Union Conference. Starting as a literature evangelist, Joyce would serve the church as a district pastor and a conference president.

Harry W. Lowe served as associate and field secretaries at the General Conference, union president, mission president, administrator, and managing editor of Ministry magazine.

Kathryn Luella Jensen Nelson served the church as a nurse, health educator, and assistant departmental secretary. She worked as a nurse in Minnesota, was the director of nursing services at the Washington Sanitarium, associate secretary the General Conference medical department, supervisor of clinical instruction at Boulder Sanitarium and Hospital, and dean of the School of Nursing at the College of Medical Evangelists (now Loma Linda University).

​Pastor Walter Edwin Read worked for the church as a colporteur, evangelist, missionary worker, departmental secretary, publishing house manager, and president of the British Union Conference, Northern European Division, and the Caribbean Union Conference, as well as General Field Secretary for the General Conference.

​Skodsborg Badesanatorium (Skodsborg Sanatorium) is a pioneer Seventh-day Adventist medical institution at Skodsborg, a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was originally owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and stood as a model and inspiration for other sanitariums and hospitals in Northern Europe. The institution is still being operated as a health resort under the name Kurhotel Skodsborg, but it no longer belongs to Seventh-day Adventists.

​Frederick Albert Spearing served the church as a literature evangelist, tent master, Bible teacher, pastor, missionary, administrator, and conference president.