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​Vesta Cash became the first Bible instructor for the Italian-speaking people in the United States in 1913 and devoted the rest of her life to that work.

​Roy M. Cossentine (甘盛典, pinyin Gān Shèngdiǎn) was a missionary to China during the period between the two World Wars when much of the church’s mission focus was on Asia. Not only did he serve as an evangelist, administrator, and educator in Manchuria and the northern part of China for 21 years, braving difficult transportation, floods, and war disruptions in his efforts to spread the gospel, but he also buried a wife in a foreign land.

Paul N. Pearce was a college professor, a promoter of Adventist radio in its earliest years, an editor, and an active lay member of the church after his relatively brief career in Adventist denominational employment.

​Curtis and Esther Varney, missionaries for 14 years in South America, served the church in financial administration and other office capacities, and then engaged in an evangelism-oriented medical practice after returning to the United States.