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​Floyd Garfield Ashbaugh was a pioneer colporteur missionary, youth leader, temperance promoter, and church administrator.

Leonardo Remulta Asoy was an Adventist pastor, youth leader, and Sabbath School leader, and a “dynamic promoter and supporter of evangelism.”

​LeRoy Arthur Benzinger, Jr. was a teacher, educator, missionary, and school manager and administrator.

Tomas C. Cabaluna, Sr. was an Adventist colporteur, pioneer evangelist, church planter, administrator, and writer from the Philippines.

Central Mindanao Mission (formerly part of North Central Mindanao Conference, then Central Mindanao Adventist Mission) is a relatively new church administrative unit under the South Philippine Union Conference in the Southern Asia-Pacific Division of Seventh-day Adventists. It was organized and renamed in 2019.

​Eugene Alonzo Crane was a pastor, evangelist, church administrator, writer, and motivator of young people.

Paterno Matulac Diaz was a pastor and church administrator from the Philippines.

Willis Gentry Dick was a missionary doctor who served as director of several medical institutions in the Philippines.

Horace Alvin Hall was a teacher, chemist, physician, surgeon, medical missionary, writer, editor, and hospital administrator.

​William and Pauline Kolling were Adventist missionaries to Tanzania, Ethiopia, and the Celebes Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia. They served for a total of 39 years. Their service in leading the mission work in Surabaja and East Java is their great contribution to Adventist growth in the area. They endured great difficulties during the war years. They were interned separately and suffered being apart for almost seven years.

​Samuel Acain Ladion, Sr. was an educator, professor, church leader, and school administrator from the Philippines.

Elpidio Laruya Lamera was a Seventh-day Adventist literature evangelist, pastor, administrator, and a visionary leader in the Philippines.

Teofilo Arranguez Layon was a teacher, department director, and Seventh-day Adventist Church administrator for more than forty years.

Charles Fulton Lowry was an evangelist, pastor, pioneer missionary in Burna (Myanmar), church planter, and church administrator.

​Salvador Genis Miraflores was a renowned educator, a prolific writer, and an accomplished editor.

​Victoriano Montefalcon Montalban was an Adventist pastor, writer, and church administrator from the Philippines.

​Edward Ward Niemann was an Adventist pastor, department director, pioneer missionary, treasurer, and church administrator. A missionary from Germany, he oversaw the early years of the Adventist mission work in Indonesia.

​Joel Honorario Pagunsan was an evangelist, pastor, youth leader, and church administrator.