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Sydney Victor Stratford was an office secretary, sales manager, home missions leader, business teacher, youth leader, and union conference secretary. He spent his career in the service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australasia.

Henry (Harry) and Olive Streeter spent a short time in missionary service in the Cook Islands. While Olive accompanied him caring for the home and children, Harry spent some 55 years in teaching and pastoral ministry in Australia and the South Pacific.

​Germano Paulo Streithorst was a pastor, teacher, and administrator in South America.

​Walter Jonathan Streithorst was a pastor in North Brazil and missionary in Amazonas, continued the Luzeiro boat ministry, served as a denominational administrator in three unions in Brazil, was and a department director in the South American Division.

​Iti Strickland, a Cook Islander, was the first to invite Seventh-day Adventist missionaries to commence working on his home island of Aitutaki, Cook Islands. He became a Seventh-day Adventist and spent twenty years leading the work of the church on his home island and elsewhere as a missionary. His descendants continue to fill key roles in the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific Division.

​Walter Ernest Strickland (史覺倫, pinyin Shǐ Juélún)’s full-time ministry began in South Carolina and Georgia prior to mission service in China for 22 years. He returned to the United States and served another 13 years in the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference, eight of those years as president of the conference.

​Lawrence Murphy Stump was an Adventist missionary, educator, and administrator for more than 40 years.

Melvin C. Sturdevant was an American Seventh-day Adventist pioneer missionary to Southern Africa.

​Dr. Stanley G. Sturges achieved national recognition as an athlete and as a pioneering physician in Nepal.

Lillian Dale (Avery) Stuttle was an editor, poet, hymn writer, and author of Adventist conduct literature.

Simon Zuguduba Sumani was the first Mamprusi Seventh-day Adventist pastor in Ghana. He preached the Advent message among the Mamprusisas as well as other tribes in northern Ghana.

​Mindert Albert Sumual was a pioneer Adventist church worker in Indonesia.

​Carl Sundin served as a minister in the Minnesota, Nebraska and Missouri Conferences prior to 25 years as an associate secretary in the Medical Department of the General Conference.

John Paul Sundquist was a pastor, missionary, educator, administrator and photographer. Sundquist served as a missionary in many African countries, in his native Sweden, and at the Northern Europe-West Africa Division Office in St. Albans, U.K.

Miloslav Šustek was a key Adventist educator and administrator in the Czech Republic.

​Edward Alexander Sutherland was a teacher, college president, facilitator for the establishment of Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI), secretary of the General Conference Commission on Rural Living, organizer of ASI chapters throughout the North American Division, and founder of the school-sanitarium-farm model for Adventist education.

Pavel Afanasievich Sviridov was a pastor, church administrator, and editor from Russia.

​Hubert Oscar Swartout (蘇清心pinyin Sū Qīngxīn) served as a schoolteacher in Michigan, followed by a decade of teaching and editing in China. When he returned to America, he became a physician, an author of medical books, and an administrator as County Health officer in Los Angeles.

​Eric Syme engaged in evangelism during the early years of his ministry in England, then moved to the United States where he taught religion and history for more than 25 years, first at Southwestern Junior College, then Pacific Union College.