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​Richard Creswick Syme served as an administrator in several Adventist schools, including principal at New Zealand Missionary College (now Longburn Adventist College).

​Marinda (Minnie) Day Sype served the church as a pioneer evangelist, pastor, missionary, conference home missionary secretary, and publishing circulation manager, all of which at that time were extraordinary for a woman.

Levy Baloyo Tabo was a pastor and church administrator from the Philippines.

​José Tabuenca was a pastor and ecclesiastic administrator in the former Austral Union Conference of the South American Division and in institutions such as Uruguay Academy, River Plate Academy, and South America Spanish Publishing House.

​Juan Tabuenca was an Adventist pastor, evangelist, ecclesiastical administrator, and theology professor who served in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

Moisés Tahay was an Adventist pioneer evangelist and pastor among the native tribes of Guatemala.

Aston George Tai was a noted Adventist businessman and philanthropist in Jamaica.

Asa O. Tait was an editor of the evangelistic periodical "Signs of the Times" for more than three decades.

Takele Bezuneh was ordained as the first Adventist pastor in Ethiopia in 1954.

Jahja Benyamin Talaa was a pastor and church administrator in Indonesia.

Maria Talvik worked for 26 years as the cafeteria chef at UNASP-SP and rendered a notable and positive influence over hundreds of students. In her honor, today the cafeteria at UNASP-SP is called “Maria Talvik Restaurant.”

​Pacific Islanders Tanabose Viviriti Lukukana and Leah Barighaza served the Church at various capacities.

​Francisco Tancara was a chieftain and native Bolivian who became an Adventist and worked, by vocation, as a missionary and educator. Although illiterate, he used every means available so schools could be established in the villages under his management and so his people could become literate.

​Eugenio Tangunan was an evangelist, pastor, and church leader in the Philippines.

​Mary Elizabeth Tank was a Sabbath School and Missionary Volunteers director in Western Australia and New South Wales Conferences, and later a Bible instructor.

Dr. Joeli Taoi, commonly called “Dokta belong mifala” by the people of Vanuatu, was a missionary doctor in the Pacific Islands from 1958 to 1995. He was especially well known as a pioneer missionary doctor to Aore in New Hebrides (1958–1976).

Albert Floyd Tarr served the Seventh-day Adventist Church as an editor and administrator, while his wife Edna May served as an editor and musician in the South African Division, Southern Asia Division, Northern Europe Division, and later at the General Conference.

​Born in the bush of South New Georgia, Solomon Islands to animist parents, Pastor Tasa Hivana became a teacher and pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church.

​Friedrich Herman Taube was a missionary teacher from Germany, who emigrated to Brazil. He served the Adventist Church for 18 years.