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​Louis Marie Dirk Wortman, commonly known as L.M.D. Wortman, was an educator, and school administrator, who together with his wife Sibylla Habel Wortman, a nurse, served as missionaries to Indonesia.

​Eleanor Wright was a prolific gospel music writer, singer, pianist, and arranger who led in launching the Blend Wright Trio.

Kenneth Wright was a pastor, academy principal, conference administrator, and the president who transformed Southern Junior College into an accredited senior college called Southern Missionary College (now Southern Adventist University).

​Phillip Wright was an Adventist nurse and mission administrator who trained at the Sydney Sanitarium. He moved into evangelistic work and was for a time the superintendent of the Eastern Polynesian Mission based at Papeete, Tahiti.

Rodulfo Regulacion Yap, known more to his colleagues as Rudy, was a student colporteur, evangelist, pastor, church planter, stewardship promoter, and church administrator.

Nikolai Arkhipovich Yaruta was a pastor, evangelist, and church administrator who facilitated the development and growth of the Adventist church in Moldova.

John Spain Yates was a missionary in Java, Indonesia, and administrator in the United States.

Nathaniel Yen was among the group of about a dozen Taiwanese young people who became the first-generation ministers and church leaders in the Taiwan Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He served as the president of the South China Island Union Mission from 1991 to 1998.

Reuben Kombe Yeri was a prolific preacher and church planter who also served as the president of the Central Kenya Conference.

​Gera Azmach Amare Yeshaw was a teacher, Bible worker, translator, and church administrator in Ethiopia. He also served as a member of the Ethiopian parliament.

​Benjamin Yip was an early pioneer Adventist Caribbean minister and church administrator of Chinese descent. During the late 1920s, he was ordained an Adventist minister after many years of very successful work as a colporteur, evangelist, and secretary-treasurer of the South Caribbean Conference in Trinidad. He was among the first Caribbean-born leaders to hold an administrative position in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Frank Herman Yost was an Adventist minister, historian, seminary professor and Liberty magazine editor.

Opal Hoover Young was an English professor, author, editor of the Andrews University magazine Focus, and the first woman in the Michigan Conference to be ordained an elder.

​Sara Mareta Young, a descendant of the 1789 HMS Bounty mutineer Edward (Ned) Young, was one of the first Pitcairn Islanders (if not the first) to travel to other Pacific Islands as a Seventh-day Adventist missionary.

​Sarah Grace Young was among the first Sabbathkeepers and Seventh-day Adventist converts on Pitcairn Island.

Missionaries to India themselves, Alfred and Bertha Youngberg, belonged to a family line of missionaries. The four generations of the Youngberg-Oss family produced 25 missionaries.

Gustavus Benson Youngberg Jr. was a nurse, obstetrician, and gynecologist. He served as a missionary physician to the Far East Division.

​Gustavus Benson Youngberg was a pioneer Adventist missionary among the headhunters on the Tatau River of Sarawak in Borneo—the third-largest island in the world, which is now politically divided among three countries: Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia.

​Norma Ione Youngberg was a poet, creative writing teacher, prolific author, and pioneering Adventist missionary in Borneo—the third-largest Island in the world, which is now politically divided among three countries: Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia.