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Frances L. Bliss was a longtime educator who spent most of her professional career at Oakwood College, teaching there for more than thirty years.

Sylvester Bliss was editor of the Millerite periodical Signs of the Times, later Advent Herald, and an author noted especially for works countering criticisms from clerics and academia.

Godofredo Block was one of the first ordained Adventist ministers in Argentina and an influential pastor and evangelist, especially among the German communities in the country.

​Harold Murray Blunden was a missionary to China, church administrator, including General Field secretary and Home Missions secretary for the Asiatic Division.

Albert Bodenmann was a missionary builder in Cameroon, pioneer missionary in Chad, and missionary administrator.

Eric Boehm was a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, missionary and church administrator. He was the first president of the Bismarck Solomons Union Mission based in Rabaul, Mandated territory of New Guinea.

​Leonid Bogdanow was a canvasser, pastor, and conference-level director in the South Brazil Union.

Walter Boger’s contribution had great significance for the Adventist Church in Brazil, and his performance in administrative positions was especially important to the Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná Conferences and to the Adventist radio program Voice of Prophecy. He also made a significant contribution to education as director of both UNASP campuses São Paulo and Engenheiro Coelho.

Joseph Ngussa Bohole was a renowned literature evangelist and pastor who played a key role in bringing many souls to Christ across Tanzania.

Wattafeni Boiori (‘Watti’) was a Papuan who was baptized as one of the first Seventh-day Adventists in Papua. He spent his life working for the church and was a pioneer missionary in the Papuan Gulf.

Ana Martha Bökenkamp, teacher and chef, was born in 1895 in the city of Bielefeld, Germany.

Geraldo Bökenkamp made an important contribution to the Seventh-day Adventist Church as an administrator of the Brazil Food Factory (Superbom), manager of the Global Food Services, and in the auditing department of the South American Division.

​Luis A. Bolívar was one of the most outstanding of the early Adventist workers along with Gilberto Bustamante, Tirso and Jorge Escandón, and Samuel Camacho. He distinguished himself as a preacher, administrator, and singer. Like Bustamante, he used his marvelous voice in ministry and evangelism.

During his lengthy career as an editor and author, Calvin P. Bollman was connected with all three of the major Seventh-day Adventist publishing associations then operating in North America and helped edit several leading periodicals, including Signs of the Times, Review and Herald, and Liberty. He also contributed in multiple ways to the early development of denominational institutions in the American South.

Frank Starr Bond and his brother Walter were the first two missionaries who brought the Adventist message to Spain.

​Walter Bond was one of the first Adventist missionaries to Spain.

Clarissa “Clara” Bonfoey was a close friend of and housekeeper for James and Ellen White for about eight years.

Charles Ronald Bonney, whose service to the Seventh-day Adventist Church began in his native British Isles, extended to the Indian subcontinent, and concluded in the United States, distinguished himself as a teacher, pastor, radio speaker, Voice of Prophecy director, and secretary of Southern Asia Division as it was in 1962-- India, Burma, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Pakistan (Pakistan-Bangladesh), Nepal and Bhutan.