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Charles L. Boyd was an evangelist, conference leader, and pioneering missionary to South Africa.

Clarence Boyd was a pioneering educator and administrator, serving for more than 40 years within the United States of America and in Latin America and the Caribbean.

​Maud Sisley Boyd was a Bible teacher, editor, compositor, Bible worker, school matron, and missionary. She was the first woman missionary sent by the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Foreign Mission Board.

Allen and Mildred Boynton were trained nurses who first served at Washington Sanitarium, D.C., and at Porter Sanitarium in Colorado during World War II. They served as medical missionaries in various sanitariums/hospitals in the Far East including those in Shanghai, Wuhan (Hankow), Seoul, and Tokyo.

Eva Gwendolyn Bradford-Rock (1912-2010), African American educator, musician, author, and activist for church unity and social justice, was born December 22, 1912, on the campus of what was then Oakwood Manual Training School in Huntsville, Alabama.

​Etta Littlejohn and Robert Bradford ministered together in building up the Adventist work among Black Americans during its foundational decades and established a legacy of leadership that has shaped that work in a lasting way.

​Graeme Bradford was an Australian evangelist who conducted evangelistic series throughout the South Pacific Division and taught practical theology at Avondale University College for two extended periods.

Tom Bradley served in the South Pacific Division and the Northern Europe Division as an evangelist and in health ministries in the North American Division.

Manoel João Braff, pastor, teacher, and dean, was born April 9, 1910, in the town of Santo Antônio, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Brad Braley and Olive Rogers Braley, household names to listeners of the Voice of Prophecy (VOP) broadcasts in the middle decades of the 20th century, were known for their duets on organ and piano. Brad was organist and accompanist for the VOP for nearly nineteen years. Olive assisted on piano and gave readings.

Thomas H. Branch and Henrietta Paterson Branch were some of the first African Americans to be sent as missionaries to Africa by the Seventh-day Adventist denomination, and were pioneers of the church’s work among African Americans in Colorado and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Alfred and Pamela Brandt served the Adventist Church in various capacities in the United Kingdom, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Denmark, and Uganda.

​Roy Branson was a Seventh-day Adventist theologian, social activist, ethicist, educator and, for more than two decades, editor of Spectrum magazine.

Gordon Branster served the Church for 42 years in the South Pacific Division as a pastor, evangelist, and administrator at the conference and union levels.

Lionel Brathwaite was a pioneering Trinbagonian educator, literature and public evangelist, pastor, church administrator, and church and school builder in the eastern Caribbean for 44 years.

Friedrich Braucht was a medical missionary who established the Samoan Sanitarium in the 1890s.

Luiz Braun, pastor and evangelist, was born in 1878 in the city of Duesseldorf, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

​Christian Benjamin Brew was an evangelist and pastor in Ghana.

​Rolland James (known as R. J.) and Celia Richmond Brines were Seventh-day Adventist educators who spent two terms as missionaries in China. A hospital administrator and physician in the United States and China, R. J. was the first medical superintendent of Porter Hospital. Celia wrote the popular mission book, "Dragon Tales."

​Jan Brinkman was a Dutch evangelist, pastor, and church administrator who served for over thirty years in Holland, as well in the two Dutch-speaking regions of the Inter-American Division: Suriname and the Dutch Antilles. He was president of both the Suriname Mission and the Netherlands Antilles Mission.