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Bessie Willie Cordelia Dobbins Carter was a Seventh-day Adventist philanthropist, dietitian, and supporter of Christian education.

American missionary and church worker for thirty-seven years, from 1922–1963, Cameron Arthur Carter (柯德邇) was president of the South China Union College and Taiwan Theological Training Institute.

For more than forty years Robert Harris Carter served the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a colporteur, pastor, evangelist, missionary, and administrator.

​Henry E. Carver served as secretary of the Iowa Conference of Seventh-day Adventists from 1865 to 1866, and subsequently became a major leader and chief apologist of the Church of God (Seventh Day).

Armando José Simão Casaca was a pastor, evangelist, and church administrator in Portugal.

​George William Casebeer was a North American pastor, educator, and evangelist. He served in the United States and as a missionary to Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina.

​Homer Casebeer served as a missionary in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic prior to 25 years as director of the Spanish Division in the Bureau of Home Missions of the General Conference.

​Vesta Cash became the first Bible instructor for the Italian-speaking people in the United States in 1913 and devoted the rest of her life to that work.

​José Castrejón González was a pastor, administrator, evangelist, pioneer, and leader of the Adventist Church in Mexico.

Manuel Salustiano de Castro was a pastor, missionary, and church administrator in Brazil and Angola.

Charles Cave was a Barbadian physician, sanitarium director, health reformer, nursing school director and instructor, church leader, and philanthropist.

​Mabel Louise Skerritt Cave was an Antiguan Battle Creek Sanitarium school-trained registered nurse and administrator who worked in Barbados from early 1908 until her death in 1970.

Agnes Elvira Lewis Caviness was a pioneer educator, dean of women, missionary, and author, who wrote under the pen name of Mother Naomi.

George and Alma Caviness were educators and missionaries. George was also an ordained minister and college president.

​Leon Leslie Caviness was born August 19, 1884, in Battle Creek, Michigan, in the home of Uriah Smith. A pioneer educator, Caviness participated in the Advanced Bible School, forerunner of the Adventist Theological Seminary, and lead in creating the Bible Research Fellowship, progenitor of the Biblical Research Institute.

​Juan Elías Cayrus was from a Waldensian family and came in contact with Adventism in Europe through Ellen G. White. He emigrated to Uruguay and formed a large Adventist family, whose descendants include pastors, denomination workers, and people committed to the church.

John and Lois Cernik gave 39 years of denominational service, 26 of them in the Pacific Islands of the South Pacific Division.

Lameck Chacha Marwa was a pastor and administrator in Tanzania.

Anísio Rocha Chagas was a pastor and evangelist from Brazil. He made a significant contribution to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in the areas of communications, family, and public relations.

Eugênio Loreto das Chagas Lima was a dentist and founder of two churches in the state of Paraná.