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Elder’s Digest is a quarterly periodical of Brazil Publishing House, a publishing house of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Brazil. It is intended to be a tool that assists in the ministry of elders and local church leaders.

Far Eastern Division Outlook (FED Outlook) was a monthly magazine published by the Far Eastern Division. In 1919, the Asiatic Division was split into the Far Eastern Division (FED), the Australian Union Conference, and the India Union Mission. The FED was made up of China, French Indo-China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore-Malay, and Thailand. In 1995, the name of the FED was changed to the Asia-Pacific Division which lasted for only two years before it was bifurcated into the Northern Asia-Pacific Division and Southern Asia-Pacific Division.

GO: The Journal for Adventist Laymen was published from 1951 to 1971 as the official publication of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist’s Home Missionary department (predecessor to the current Personal Ministries department). As nations moved from the death and destruction of World War II to the uncertainty of the Cold War, the Adventist church saw a need to continue its mission to take the gospel of Jesus to the whole world. Recognizing that paid clergy could not complete this task alone, the church placed a renewed emphasis on training lay members to be involved in the mission of the church.

Good Health was the first health periodical published by Seventh-day Adventists. Initially entitled the Health Reformer (1866-1878), it was issued monthly at Battle Creek, Michigan, in association with the Western Health Reform Institute (WHRI), renamed Battle Creek Sanitarium in 1877. The periodical served the dual purpose of advertising the health institution and instructing the church members and wider community about natural means for the prevention and treatment of disease.

The Australasian Good Health was the Seventh-day Adventist-sponsored popular journal devoted to health education.

The Gospel Herald was a monthly periodical published from 1898 to 1923 to inform readers about the Adventist work among the Black population of the American South and promote the advancement of that mission.

Home and Health (Ka Jung Koa Kun Kan in Korean) is a monthly periodical published by the Korean Publishing House (KPH, aka. Sijosa) in Seoul, Korea. It was launched in January 1990 as the official magazine of the Korean Adventist Church. Later in 2009 Home and Health published 60,000 copies per month. Even now it is steadily being distributed to the Korean mission field along with Signs of the Times, Korea (Sijo) magazine.

"Insight" magazine was published weekly for youth by the Seventh-day Adventist Church from 1970 to 2017. "Insight" was the successor to the "Youth’s Instructor" (1852-1970). Once described as “the thinking Adventist’s magazine,” "Insight" was known for its moving short stories and incisive features on major topics of theology, lifestyle, and culture.

​Inter-American Division Publishing Association, Inc. (IADPA), is a publishing firm without printing facilities operated at Miami, Florida, U.S.A., that provides Christian literature primarily for the 43 countries, collectivities, and municipalities that comprise the Inter-American Division.

The Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary (JAAS), originally named Asian Adventist Seminary Studies (AASS) (1998-2005), is an official scholarly journal published by the Theological Seminary at the Adventist Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) in Silang Cavite, Philippines. It is a bi-annual periodical incorporating peer-refereed research articles, short research notes, book reviews, and thesis and dissertation abstracts of AIIAS theological seminary degree projects. The magazine covers a wide spectrum of areas, including biblical studies, theology, history, practical theology, and mission.

Joyful Tidings was a periodical published by Avondale Press from 1900 to 1902.

Korean Signs of the Times (Sijo) is an evangelistic magazine published by the Korean Adventist Church to spread the faith of Adventism. Since September 1910, 1,219 issues have come off the press as of December 2021. The 111-year-old monthly missionary magazine has a circulation of about 50,000 copies every year.

​Life and Health is a monthly periodical published by the Brazil Publishing House of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Brazil. Its aim is to promote health and lifestyle education.

"Listen" magazine was dedicated to a war against the scourges of alcohol drinking, tobacco smoking and other forms of substance abuse. The magazine’s subtitle for nearly 40 years, “A Journal of Better Living,” was changed to “Celebrating Positive Choices” beginning with the September 1987 issue.

​The Medical Missionary was a monthly periodical published for its first two years by the Good Health Publishing Company, Battle Creek, Michigan, under the auspices of the International Health and Temperance Association. In March 1893 the newly-organized Medical Missionary and Benevolent Association (MMBA) became its publisher. The publishing entities were established and operated under the direction of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, editor of the periodical.

Messenger of Truth was the first periodical published against the Sabbatarian Adventists (later Seventh-day Adventists).

The Mid-America Union Outlook is an official organ of the Mid-America Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. It is published monthly and circulated free of charge to constituent members.

The Middle East Messenger was the official organ of the Middle East Division from 1945 to 1980.

Ministry is an international periodical edited and published bimonthly by the Brazil Publishing House.

Missionären was a Swedish periodical published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church from 1897 to 2021.