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​Family ministries in the Caribbean Union Conference can trace its formal development to North Caribbean Conference (NCC) when, in 1983, Pastor Jansen Trotman, NCC executive secretary and stewardship director, developed a series of stewardship ministries titled “Stewardship of the Family.” The positive response highlighted the need for a greater focus; hence, in 1985, Pastor Trotman was named director of family life.

The Adventist Lay Persons Services and Industries (ASI) is a lay ministry that is run by Adventist church members who have a passion for sharing Christ in the market place, where they spend their time engaged in gainful employment. In Kenya, this ministry started in 2002.

​Icolpan - Medellin is an Adventist food company that was launched in 1972 in Colombia.

La Vida Mission is an independent Seventh-day Adventist ministry to the Navajo Nation located near Crownpoint, New Mexico, fifty miles south of Farmington.

New Life Health Food Products was a vegetarian food industry owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Brazil that operated from 1957 to 1997.

​Originally owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Nutana was a health food factory in Denmark.

The Aeolians is an Oakwood University choral ensemble that, since its founding in 1946, has thrilled the hearts of hundreds of thousands and been a primary instrument in the university’s public relations activities.

Pacific Yacht Ministries (PYM) was a small, not-for-profit, self-supporting ministry, operated and supported by volunteers, recognized by the South Queensland Conference and South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It operated out of Queensland with its base in Brisbane. It provided transport, logistics and support to health staff employed by the Vanuatu Government Health Service in Northern Vanuatu. PYM was registered as a company and had charitable status.

​Among the first programs that the Seventh-day Adventist Church initiated after the December Revolution in 1989 was prison ministry. The initiative created much interest since many Adventists had been jailed for their faith, particularly at the beginning of the Communist era.

The importance and urgency of ministering to refugees are set before Seventh-day Adventists in the Bible and in the writings of EGW. No matter the country or place on the refugee highway, wherever a refugee or foreigner is located, there is a responsibility to minister to the needs of the individual and to share the gospel. Ministry to persons along the refugee highway is one place Seventh-day Adventists have in the past and today can continue to make a difference.

São Paulo Old People’s Home (CACI) was an institution that assisted impoverished elderly Adventists who had no one to take care of them. It operated from 1950 to 2007. The place, known as the Old People’s Home, operated as a boarding facility providing services for elderly men and women.

​Sonship is an officially recognized supportive independent ministry of the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.1 It is based in Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia. It operates a fleet of floating clinics in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. The vessels, all named Medisonship, visit the islands and villages of the province, providing medical care, spiritual care, and health education for the people.

The Taylor String Quartet, comprising children of Seventh-day Adventist music teachers Morris and Elaine Myers Taylor, achieved international acclaim during the 1970s and later became the resident string quartet at La Sierra University.

The King’s Heralds, a male quartet initially associated with the Voice of Prophecy radio program for over thirty-five years, has been a popular part of Adventist musical identity since 1937.

The Velvetones Quartet won wide acclaim for its a cappella sound both in and beyond Adventist circles during the 1950s.

The Voice of Prophecy (VOP) correspondence lessons reached Tanzania as early as 1950, when those who were able to read English received the lessons brought from Cape Town, South Africa, by Adventist missionaries. Later, a branch of VOP Bible Correspondence School was opened in Nairobi, Kenya, by Robert J. Wieland.

Vredenoord, the Adventist nursing home in the Netherlands, started as a home for senior citizens operated by the Netherlands Union of Churches Conference. Today it is a registered nursing home operated as a supporting ministry and subsidized by government grants.

The Wedgwood Trio, American folk singers from the South, helped create a greater openness for newer forms of worship music in the Adventist church during the 1960s and 1970s.

Radio Sol 92, WZOL, Inc. is a non-profit organization belonging to the East Puerto Rico Conference. It offers Christian programs with music and spiritual messages and programs of social interest. Its first program was broadcast on September 5, 1990. It is now known as WZOL 92.1 FM.