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The North Bohemian Conference is a defunct church unit belonging to the Czech Lands.

Bruno Ohme was a pastor, missionary, teacher and administrator in Germany, Tanzania and Indonesia.

Jacob Bernard (also spelled Jakob Bernhard) Penner was an Adventist pastor, evangelist, teacher, and editor from Russia.

Henri Pichot served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North Africa as an evangelist, pastor, and administrator from about 1930 to 1966.

The Polish-Silesian Conference was a short-lived church unit that comprised contested territory during the tumultuous post-World War II years, from 1919 to 1921.

The Adventist work in Portugal began in 1904 when an American missionary couple, Clarence and Mary Rentfro, arrived and has continued through various challenges presented by numerous regime changes over the years.

Henri Provin served the Seventh-day Adventist Church as canvasser, Bible worker, and pastor during the early years of Adventism in Europe.

Alberto Fernando Raposo was the first ordained Portuguese pastor and the first Portuguese Adventist missionary.

Rudolf Reider was a missionary and language researcher who served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany, Liberia, and Tanzania.

Jules Rey was a Swiss Adventist evangelist and administrator who worked in France, Switzerland, and North Africa during the first sixty years of the twentieth century.

Pedro Brito Ribeiro was one of the major Portuguese pioneers in Seventh-day Adventism.

Fritz Rinder served his society as councilor, and his work in the German peace movement demonstrates the holistic view of his calling.

​Dumitru Roman served as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor in Romania during the difficult years of repression.

​Romania is a European country, and a member of the European Union, situated in the southeast of central Europe. It has an area of 238,391 square kilometers and a population of 22,170,000 as of 2019. The country is bounded by the Republic of Moldova and the Black Sea to the east, Ukraine to the north, Hungary to the northwest, Serbia to the southwest, and Bulgaria to the south. The territory is almost evenly divided between mountains, hills, and plains, spread symmetrically from the Carpathian Mountains, with elevations of more than 2,500 meters. One of the main European rivers, the Danube, travels some 1,075 kilometers through or along Romanian territory. The climate is temperate continental.

Wilhelm and Olga Schaeffler worked as missionaries for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, and the United States.

​Mimi Scharffenberg was a Bible instructor, translator, editor, and pioneer missionary, the first single female Adventist missionary to Korea.

​Karl Schroeter was a German Adventist missionary to China. He directed the work in the Chekiang province, ministered in the Anhui and Jiangsu provinces, and served as chaplain and instructor at the Shanghai Sanatorium.

Heinrich Franz Schuberth was a teacher, minister, editor, and president of several conferences, pioneering the work in various parts of Germany.

Henry Schultz was one of the pioneers of the Adventist work among the German-speaking Americans.

Andreas Seefried was the first Adventist missionary worker in the Bulgarian territory.