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Joseph Hermanus Warrington Laurence was a pioneering Caribbean evangelist who worked primarily across the American South.

​Libertador Academy Camaguan was the first Seventh-day Adventist Church educational institution in Venezuela. It was established in 1982.

​Vicente Limón Zamudio was a pastor, chaplain, colporteur, dean of men, mission department director, and mission president, who loved young people and his Church and who established many schools and churches.

​Linda Vista University (Universidad Linda Vista – ULV) falls under the jurisdiction of Chiapas Mexican Union Conference.

Rafael López Miranda was an early Seventh-day Adventist convert and colporteur who worked in Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

​Los Tuxtlas Mission is located in the southern zone of the state of Veracruz. It includes the counties of Lerdo, Angel R. Cevada, Santiago Tuxtla, San Andrés Tuxtla, Catemaco, Hueyapan de Ocampo, Acyucan, Soconusco, Texistepec, Oluta, Sayula de Alemán, San Juan Evangelista, Rodriguez Clara, and Ciudad Isla.

​Percy Wilfred Manuel was a Canadian educator, pastor, and administrator who served as president of both Caribbean Union College (now University of the Southern Caribbean) in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and Kingsway College in Ontario, Canada.

​Salvador Marchisio is recognized as the first Adventist layman in Mexico who in 1891 brought the Adventist message to Mexico for the first time through literature.

​Antonio Marrero Charneco was a pastor and church administrator from Puerto Rico.

Victor Hugh McEachrane was known as a pioneering Caribbean evangelist and Adventist speaker.

Beginning as a district pastor in South Andros, Bahamas, Pastor McKinney later served as secretary-treasurer of the Bahamas Mission of Seventh-day Adventists, mission president, conference president, secretary of the West Indies Union, and finally president of the union.

​Metropolitan Guatemala Conference is comprised of Guatemala City and the department of Santa Rosa.

Mexico is a country that is situated at the southern end of North America. In 1899 the General Conference sent a group of missionaries, under the leadership of Pastor G. W. Caviness, to Mexico City to establish the work of the Adventist Church in the capital of the republic.

Ernestina Moreno was a consummate teacher, Bible instructor, and nurse from Venezuela.

​The Mountain View Adventist Academy in St. Vincent and the Grenadines Mission of Seventh-day Adventists began operations on January 16, 1958, with one teacher/principal, Mr. Urban Antoine, and 12 students.

Eric Murray was a Caribbean church administrator whose leadership office and administrative church work spanned over 50 years of service, beginning in 1942 while he was still a student and continuing until 1995, during which time he served as conference and union secretary-treasurer and president, chairperson of a college board of trustees, and an author of narratives that examined church history at a time when nationals had begun to replace missionaries in these positions.

Henry Niemann Nuñez was a pastor and administrator from Chile. In addition to his pastoral and administrative work, Pastor Henry Niemann contributed to the development of the church in the territory of the Southern-Colombian Union with the purchase of important buildings and estates.

Bradley Niles was a Barbadian educator and community activist who was instrumental in spotlighting Seventh-day Adventism and its belief system in multireligious Barbados and who had a penchant for serving youth.

Norman Arnaud Bradley Niles was a trailblazing Caribbean Adventist attorney who served as a distinguished Barbadian jurist, community activist for the dispossessed, and voice for religious liberty.