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Eden Adventist Hospital (aka. Eden Yoyang Byungwon) is a medical institution established by the Korean Union Conference in 2001 to achieve preventive healthcare and medical missionary work. This hospital, located in 160, Biryong-ro 1782beon-gil, Sudong-myeon, Namyangju-si, is an integrated cancer treatment hospital with 195 beds and eight medical departments.

The Eden Senior Sanitarium Center (ESSC) is an elderly care facility belonging to Sahmyook Welfare Foundation. The center, located at 36-52, Biryong-ro 1742beon-gil, Sudong-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, operates with 100 facility beneficiaries and 65 employees as of 2021.

Far Eastern Division Outlook (FED Outlook) was a monthly magazine published by the Far Eastern Division. In 1919, the Asiatic Division was split into the Far Eastern Division (FED), the Australian Union Conference, and the India Union Mission. The FED was made up of China, French Indo-China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore-Malay, and Thailand. In 1995, the name of the FED was changed to the Asia-Pacific Division which lasted for only two years before it was bifurcated into the Northern Asia-Pacific Division and Southern Asia-Pacific Division.

Hankook Sahmyook High School is a part of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and is affiliated with the North Pacific Division of Seventh-day Adventists.1 It belongs to the Korean Union Conference and the West Central Korean Conference of Seventh-day Adventists locally.

Hankook Sahmyook Middle School (Hankook Sahmyook Junghakkyo)is a secondary educational institution affiliated with the West Central Korean Conference of the Korean Adventist Church. This middle school is located in 815, Hwarang-ro, in Nowon-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

​HisHands Mission Movement is one of the mission initiatives of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division to help involve church members with the mission work in their home country.

Home and Health (Ka Jung Koa Kun Kan in Korean) is a monthly periodical published by the Korean Publishing House (KPH, aka. Sijosa) in Seoul, Korea. It was launched in January 1990 as the official magazine of the Korean Adventist Church. Later in 2009 Home and Health published 60,000 copies per month. Even now it is steadily being distributed to the Korean mission field along with Signs of the Times, Korea (Sijo) magazine.

Hope Channel Korea began operating in July 2015 as a broadcasting service officially launched on Hope Channel, a world-class broadcasting mission media operated by the General Conference. Hope Channel, Korea, is operated by the Media Center of the Korea Union Conference (KUC). Its office is located at the headquarters of the KUC, and the studio is located within the campus of Sahmyook University.

​Gi-Ban Im was one of the early leaders of the Korean Adventist Church who played a key role in establishing Korea's first Adventist Church in Jinnampo, Hwanghae-do.

Formerly Jeju Attached region, Jeju Region is a mission region under the direct control of the Korean Union Conference (KUC). This mission field was separated from Southwest Korean Conference and organized into KUC Jeju Attached Field in 2009. The organization was renamed Jeju Attached Region in 2014 and then renamed Jeju Region in 2017.

Keun Ok Lee and Mun Gook Jeong were the first ordained pastors of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Korea, and Mun Gook Jeong was one of the leaders of the Church in Korea for two decades.

Kobe Adventist Hospital (Kobe Adobenchisuto Byoin) is a 116-bed medical institution on a four-acre (1.6-hectare) plot of land in the northern suburbs of Kobe, a thriving port city of central Japan.

​The Seventh-day Adventist message was introduced into Korea shortly after the turn of the century. The Korean Conference was organized in 1917.

Korean Publishing House (Sijosa) is a publishing organization with its own printing facilities, operated by the Korean Union Mission at Seoul, Korea. It issues Seventh-day Adventist books and the following periodicals: Sijo (Signs of the Times, Korea); Kyohoe Jinam (Church Compass); Home and Health (Ka Jeong Koa Keon Kang); senior, early teen, and primary Sabbath School lesson quarterlies; and the Sabbath School Helper. It is located at Emoonro 1 gil 11, Dongdaemoon-gu, Seoul.

Sahmyook Foods (Sahmyook Sikpoom) was founded in 1982 and based on the slogan, “The realization of love for humanity through health all over the world.” The mission and purpose of the organization is to contribute to the health of mankind as a profit-making organization of the Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church Educational Foundation. It also takes social responsibilities, such as spreading the health gospel, fundraising for educational work, creating jobs for Adventists, and local community service and food contributions.

Korean Sahmyook Vocational Training Institute (Sahmyook Gisul Hak-won) was a specialized technical education facility belonging to the Korean Union Conference. Formal vocational education began in 1969 when Yungnam Sahmyook Academy established a vocational class. Until its closure in 2019, the Sahmyook Vocational Training Institute produced more than 1,000 graduates.

Korean Signs of the Times (Sijo) is an evangelistic magazine published by the Korean Adventist Church to spread the faith of Adventism. Since September 1910, 1,219 issues have come off the press as of December 2021. The 111-year-old monthly missionary magazine has a circulation of about 50,000 copies every year.

Korean Union Conference (aka. Hankookyeonhaphoe) is a part of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division of Seventh-day Adventists. It was organized as a union mission in 1919 and reorganized as a union conference in 1984.

Hiizu (Hide) Kuniya was one of the earliest Japanese Seventh-day Adventist ministers.

Clinton Wellington Lee (Korean name, Lee, Si Wha) was dispatched to Korea as a missionary in August 1920 and was one of the leaders who led the Korean Adventist Church in mission, administration, and education.