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Donald Nathan Holm was a medical doctor and a missionary who served his calling to the people of the Far Eastern and the Afro-Mideast Divisions and helped pioneer the medical mission work there.

Jess C. Holm was a soldier, missionary medical doctor, medical director, educator, and writer who served in Far Eastern, Afro-Mideast, and Inter-American divisions.

​Lie Sek Hong, later also known as Dr. Elisha Liwidjaja, was a dedicated Adventist layperson who generously contributed his time and wealth to the development of the Adventist mission work in Indonesia.

​Nelson Gamaliel Hutauruk served the Church as a teacher, pastor, and administrator. He was the president of the West Indonesia Union Mission from 1971 to 1976.

Edwin Robert Hutchinson was a dedicated and selfless missionary to Pakistan and Bangladesh who served during the political crisis and civil war between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Indonesia Adventist University (Universitas Advent Indonesia or UNAI) is an educational boarding school at the University level operated by the West Indonesia Union Mission. The college started as a training school in 1929 and turned into a college in 1949. Today, the college offers the following programs: Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Mathematics, English, Accountancy, Management, Information System, Computer Science, Nursing, Biology, Master in Philosophy (Ministry), Master in Management, Diploma of Nursing, Nursing profession, and Diploma of Secretarial Science. All programs are accredited by the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA) and the National Accreditation Institution of the Republic of Indonesia (BAN-PT).

Indonesia Publishing House is an Adventist publishing house and printing plant operated at Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The publishing house only produces Seventh-day Adventist books and periodicals. Publications are printed in the Indonesian language, Malay. Indonesia Publishing House is its international name, but the legal name in Indonesia is Yayasan Penerbit Advent Indonesia.

Florentino L. Jabola was a colporteur, evangelist, and mission president in the Philippines.

The Jakarta Local Conference (JLC) is an administrative unit of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is part of West Indonesia Union Mission in the Southern Asia-Pacific Division.

Tirso H. Jamandre, Sr. was among the early Adventist believers and Bible workers in Panay, sixth largest and fourth most populous island in the Philippines.

​Willard “Dean” Jemson was a leader in Adventist publishing in the North American Division and the Far Eastern Division.

Moises Gonzales Jereos was an Adventist accountant and church administrator from the Philippines.

Fausto Habana Jornada Sr. was an interpreter, evangelist, educator, church builder, leader, and ordained minister from the Philippines.

The Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary (JAAS), originally named Asian Adventist Seminary Studies (AASS) (1998-2005), is an official scholarly journal published by the Theological Seminary at the Adventist Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) in Silang Cavite, Philippines. It is a bi-annual periodical incorporating peer-refereed research articles, short research notes, book reviews, and thesis and dissertation abstracts of AIIAS theological seminary degree projects. The magazine covers a wide spectrum of areas, including biblical studies, theology, history, practical theology, and mission.

David Guasin Jucaban was an Adventist evangelist and church administrator from the Philippines.

​Brown Kai was an Adventist teacher, minister, evangelist, and administrator in Burma (now Myanmar).

Robert Albert Kalangi was a leading Adventist figure in Indonesia as an ordained pastor, teacher, educator, and educational administrator.

Kalee Paw was a missionary, teacher, pastor, and administrator from Myanmar.

Dallas Spencer Kime, also known as D. S. Kime, and his wife Mattie Ledell were missionaries to North Sumatra, Indonesia.

​William and Pauline Kolling were Adventist missionaries to Tanzania, Ethiopia, and the Celebes Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia. They served for a total of 39 years. Their service in leading the mission work in Surabaja and East Java is their great contribution to Adventist growth in the area. They endured great difficulties during the war years. They were interned separately and suffered being apart for almost seven years.