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​Perminus Nduke was the first Voice of Prophecy (V.O.P.) evangelist and was a founding member of V.O.P. in Kenya.

Beatrice Neall was an Adventist missionary, educator, editor, and author. Her publications included two books, Bible study programs, and many articles. As one of very few Adventist women of her generation to hold a doctorate in religion, she was called upon to serve on a number of General Conference commissions including the Sanctuary Review Committee and the Commission on the Ordination of Women.

​Ralph Neall was an Adventist minister, administrator, and educator.

​Milton Elmer Nebblett was a dynamic Honduran evangelist, pastor, and administrator who served most notably in the eastern Caribbean and in the state of Maryland in the United States for almost 50 years. He served as pastor of congregations in the Southern California and Allegheny East Conferences. In the early to mid-1970s, he worked for the American government as an advisor to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for the coordination and distribution of food in Vietnam during the country’s war years.

The Nebraska Sanitarium operated between 1894 and 1920 in College View, a suburb of Lincoln, Nebraska. It was founded by John Harvey Kellogg as a branch of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and initially housed in a large frame dwelling north of the Union College campus.

Merlin Lee Neff was a well-known Adventist author, educator, and administrator. He was the chairman of the English departments at Walla Walla and La Sierra Colleges and a book editor for the Pacific Press Publishing Association for twenty-one years. He was also assistant editor of Signs of the Times.

Negros Occidental Conference (NOC) is in Central Philippine Union Conference in the Southern Asia-Pacific Division.

​The Negros Oriental-Siquijor Mission of the Central Philippine Union was established in 1997.

​Vilis Stanislavovich Neikurs served as a pastor and church administrator in the former Soviet Union, Ukraine, and Russia for over 45 years.

Lilakai (Lily) Neil was the first Navajo to become a Seventh-day Adventist and the first woman to become a member of the Navajo Nation Council.

​Helge T. Nelson was an Adventist from Chicago, Illinois, who believed that he was the prophetic successor to Ellen G. White and made national news for disrupting church services and assaulting White.

Kathryn Luella Jensen Nelson served the church as a nurse, health educator, and assistant departmental secretary. She worked as a nurse in Minnesota, was the director of nursing services at the Washington Sanitarium, associate secretary the General Conference medical department, supervisor of clinical instruction at Boulder Sanitarium and Hospital, and dean of the School of Nursing at the College of Medical Evangelists (now Loma Linda University).

​Nels P. Nelson devoted his working life to a medical ministry at Frydenstrand Sanitorium and Skodsborg Sanitarium in Denmark.

​Peter Gustav Nelson worked in many capacities in the church in Denmark and Norway, where he had a keen interest in education and youth. He is especially remembered for his 12 years as president of the West Nordic Union Conference, when he led the church through the difficult years of World War II.

William Nelson was trained as a science teacher and became president of three major American colleges. Later, he spent two decades at General Conference headquarters, first as education secretary and finally as treasurer.

The country of Nepal comes under the Himalayan Section, part of the Southern Asia Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

​Luciano Trasga Nermal, Jr. was a dynamic Adventist leader, pastor, and church administrator.

​John Milford Nerness served for 20 years in southeast Asia, most notably as the first president of the Sarawak Mission in Kuching, Malaysia.