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Nyamira Conference is a part of the East-Central Africa Division of Seventh-day Adventists. It was organized in 1995 and reorganized and divided in 2020. Its headquarters is in Nyamira, Kenya.

​One of the first ten converts in Gusii land in Kenya, Paul Nyamweya became the first pastor to be ordained to the gospel ministry in Gusii land.

Nyanza Gold Belt Field is a part of Northern Tanzania Union Conference in the East-Central Africa Division of Severnth-day Adventists. Formerly part of South Nyanza Conference, Nyanza Gold Belt Field was organized in 2020 with headquarters in Kahama, Shinyanga, Tanzania.

Nyazura Adventist High School (previously Nyazura Secondary School) is a Seventh-day Adventist boarding school under the East Zimbabwe Conference. The school is recognized by the government of Zimbabwe. It is situated about ten kilometers from Nyazura town, in Makoni district of Manicaland (also known as Mashonaland) province of Zimbabwe. The school has an enrollment of 775 students and has 40 teachers according to 2017 records. There is also a boarding primary school nearby with an enrollment of 845 students, taught by 25 teachers as of 2017. A clinic is located on the same mission campus. This article focuses on the development of the Nyazura Adventist High School, which at times may be referred to as Nyazura Mission.

​Vernon Paul Nye, an Adventist illustrator, was born to James Ervin and Blanche Nye on December 16, 1915, in Batavia, New York. He became interested in illustrations with pencil and ink at an early age. He attended school at the Mechanics Institute in New York.

​Nyhyttan Health and Medical Centre was an Adventist health resort in the deep woods of an isolated region in Mid-Sweden. In 1898 when the Nyhyttan property was purchased, the Adventist church membership in the area was around 700, mostly people of lesser means. So it was indeed a venture in faith. It lasted for almost 100 years.

​Situated in a remote and scenic site halfway between Stockholm and Oslo, Nyhyttan Mission School was an Adventist Swedish training institute and seminary from 1898–1932.

​Richard O’Ffill, minister, missionary, educator, revivalist, and author, was a gifted organizer whose leadership was critical to expanding the purpose and international scope of Seventh-day Adventist Welfare Services (SAWS) in the years leading up to its renaming as Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in 1984.

In the fall of 1895 the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists commissioned a three-man site location committee to travel south to purchase property for a school to educate African American youth.

The Aeolians is an Oakwood University choral ensemble that, since its founding in 1946, has thrilled the hearts of hundreds of thousands and been a primary instrument in the university’s public relations activities.

Oaxaca Conference covers the state of Oaxaca except for the southeastern portion. The conference was organized in 1988 and reorganized in 2008.

​Hamad Elias Obeid was a self-supporting literature evangelist and itinerant preacher in the Middle East during the early history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He preached the Advent message with zeal for over 50 years in people’s homes, stores, and markets, laboring with both the common folks and high government officials.

Harold A. Oberg (aka Oh Byeok) went to Korea as a missionary in 1909 and served as the president of the Chosen Union Mission (CUM) for 16 years from 1922 to 1938, leading the development of the Korean Adventist Church.

​Renato Emir Oberg was a pastor, teacher, translator, and historian from Brazil.

John Etim Obot, preacher, administrator, and chaplain in Nigeria.

Juanito Rivera Obregon was an Adventist teacher, pastor, writer, translator, and church administrator in the Philippines.

Julián Ocampo, regarded as the first Adventist pastor in Chile, was previously a tinsmith of Methodist confession who accepted Adventism in the north of the country.

​Daniel Adam Ochs was a teacher, chaplain, pastor, author, principal, General Conference youth leader and union conference president.

​Robert Leo Odom was a United States Navy sailor, an evangelist, pastor, researcher, writer, and editor.