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Elisabeth Redelstein was a German Adventist medical missionary to China.

​Hubert V. Reed served as an evangelist and pastor in Minnesota, South Dakota, Pennsylvania and Florida, and as president of the Carolina and Colorado Conferences.

​Leclare and Helen Reed served a total of 22 years over three separate periods as a missionary in China. During the years between overseas assignments, they nurtured churches in Pennsylvania and Michigan and, at times, Leclare held departmental offices.

Fred and Marion Reekie were pioneer literature evangelists in the early years of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia. They worked in Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.

​Conard N. Rees was a coach, dean, professor, school superintendent, high school principal, and college president.

David Dee Rees, an Adventist educator, editor, and author, was born in Indiana on May 4, 1871.

Joseph Madison Rees was a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, literature evangelist, and administrator.

Pearl Lane Rees, an Adventist educator and editor, was dean of women at Union College and Atlantic Union College for more than 25 years.

The importance and urgency of ministering to refugees are set before Seventh-day Adventists in the Bible and in the writings of EGW. No matter the country or place on the refugee highway, wherever a refugee or foreigner is located, there is a responsibility to minister to the needs of the individual and to share the gospel. Ministry to persons along the refugee highway is one place Seventh-day Adventists have in the past and today can continue to make a difference.

​Regiomontana Mission is part of the North Mexican Union, one of 24 unions that comprise the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

An expert in Vitamin B-12 studies, U. D. Register did much to demonstrate the nutritional adequacy of a vegetarian diet and advance public recognition of its benefits.

Rudolf Reider was a missionary and language researcher who served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany, Liberia, and Tanzania.

Karl Alexandrovich Reifschneider was a pioneer missionary, pastor, and administrator who worked in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Russia.

​Ludgero Reinert, pastor and teacher, was born March 26, 1914, in the city of Tijucas, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

​Arthur Reinke was a pioneer of colporteur ministry in Mexico.

​Otto E. Reinke gave leadership to Adventist mission work in the United States, Switzerland, Germany, and Russia. During World War I and the Russian Revolution of 1917, he persisted in leading the church forward in the face of severe hardship, violent upheaval, and repression, until exhaustion and illness led to his death at age 46.

Amélia Ritter dos Reis was the wife of the first Brazilian Adventist pastor, José Amador dos Reis, and was his partner in ministry.

​José Amador dos Reis was a canvasser, Bible instructor, and the first ordained Brazilian Seventh-day Adventist pastor in Brazil.

​Romeu Ritter dos Reis was an Adventist theologian, lawyer, and journalist from Brazil.

​David Paul Rema was an Adventist teacher, pastor, evangelist, and administrator from Bangladesh.