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The ESDA needs writers. It seeks to include articles on every aspect of Adventist history, so consider: What can I write on? It may be a forgotten person that you think people should know more about. It may be the Adventist work in the country, state, or city in which you were born. You may want to write an article on a school or ministry, or about Adventists’ engagement with an issue that you are passionate about, such as social activism, technology, or the environment.

This page contains documents that provide the expectations for each type of article. The goal of each Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists article is to be primary source-based, honest, open, comprehensive, and rigorous, representative of the diversity and richness of Adventism, and fully understandable to both church members and the public. These official guidelines will help ESDA authors produce such an article.

To contribute to the Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists, please contact us at [email protected] with your article idea, or leave your message at the Contact Us page on this website. Click here to view the list of unfinished articles we are currently working on.