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​Nels P. Nelson devoted his working life to a medical ministry at Frydenstrand Sanitorium and Skodsborg Sanitarium in Denmark.

Spanish Union of Churches Conference is part of the Inter-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists. Its headquarter is in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid, Spain.

The Australian Sentinel and Herald of Liberty was a short-lived journal published between 1894 and 1898.

​Russia is a country in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia, which for most of the twentieth century was part of the communist Soviet Union. Today, aside from other Christians, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has a small representation in the country.

The Tasmanian Conference is a constituent of the Australian Union Conference. Its headquarters are located in Moonah, Tasmania.

​Percy Tilson Magan was an Adventist educator, physician and institution-builder.

Margaret Caro was the first registered woman dentist in New Zealand and supported the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church by assisting with the program at the New Zealand Training School and serving as a Bible worker.

Dan T. Shireman engaged in self-supporting educational work and personal evangelism for more than four decades, most extensively in North Carolina.

​Reinhold Gustav Klingbeil was an evangelist, pastor, missionary, and administrator with the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United States.

Charles Harriman Jones gave his life to the publishing work of the Seventh-day Adventist church, from 1888 until 1923—with one short break—as the chief executive of the Pacific Press.

​Edwin Sebastian Butz was an American Seventh-day Adventist minister who sailed on the Pitcairn as an early missionary to Pitcairn Island. He pioneered the Adventist work in Tonga. After arriving in 1895, he spent most of the rest of his life in the western South Pacific region, serving as missionary, superintendent, conference president, teacher, and pastor in the islands, New Zealand, and Australia. He remained in active service for the Church until he was eighty-nine years of age, the oldest known active Adventist pastor in the South Pacific Division. He served for at least sixty-three years, fifty-three of those as an ordained minister.

Margherita Freeman was the first female Seventh-day Adventist in Australasia to graduate from university medical studies.

Stenographer, private secretary, editor, bibliophile, researcher, author, and trusted literary assistant to Ellen G. White, Clarence Crisler was also a missionary, missiologist, and administrator.

Australian Tract and Missionary Society (1888-1902) was an organization that promoted the distribution of Seventh-day Adventist publications and the church's evangelistic activities.

Albert Henry White was an evangelist and conference president in the Australasian (now, South Pacific) Division of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist church for over forty years.

Alfred Sherman DePuy Baird was an architect who supervised construction of buildings for denominational institutions in Michigan and Washington, D.C.

The Western Australian Conference is a constituent of the Australian Union Conference. Its headquarters are located at 84–88 Welshpool Road, Welshpool, Western Australia 6106, Australia. Its unincorporated activities are governed by a constitution that is based on the model conference constitution of the South Pacific Division of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Alan Keith Tulloch was very highly regarded Adventist surgeon at the Sydney Sanitarium and Hospital (now Sydney Adventist Hospital).

The Trans-Tasman Union Conference (TTUC) was a constituent union conference of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, in the territory of the South Pacific Division of the General Conference.

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