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​William Henry Thurston was a North American administrator, missionary, and literature evangelist, and one of the first missionaries to arrive in Brazil at the end of the nineteenth century.

​Elwin Snyder was a missionary in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Cuba with his wife, Jane Ketring, and was one of the first canvassers sent from the United States to South America.

Julio David Dupertuis was one of the first people to learn about the Adventist message in Argentina.

Erwin Bauermann served as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor in Germany, assisting Seventh-day Adventists in North Rhine-Westphalia to achieve state recognition.

​Central Honduras Conference is a part of Honduras Union Mission. Its headquarters are located in Colonia La Reforma, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Godofredo Block was one of the first ordained Adventist ministers in Argentina and an influential pastor and evangelist, especially among the German communities in the country.

John Thurber sang second tenor in the Voice of Prophecy King’s Heralds quartet during the 1960s, served as a teacher, choral director, pastor, and conference president, and was noted for innovation as a conference and union youth leader.

Richard B. Craig was a canvasser for more than forty years in the United States and Argentina.

​Walton John Brown was the son of missionaries, a pastor, educator, writer, musician, and longtime educational manager, and a missionary in North America, South America and Central America.

​Reinhardt Hetze was one of the first Adventists in South America and the first person to accept the Adventist message through the missionary work of Geörg (Jorge) Heinrich Riffel (1850-1917) in Argentina.

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