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Luis Guillermo Alfredo Bellido de la Fuente was a Peruvian pastor, Adventist missionary, and administrator in Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Argentina.

Henrique G. Stoehr was a German administrator, pastor, and teacher in South America.

​Marcelo Alberto Hammerly was a physician, teacher, writer, and director of River Plate Sanitarium in Libertador San Martín, Entre Ríos, Argentina.

​Jesse Simon Marshall served as a pastor, educator, and administrator in the United States, Argentina, and in the Antillean Union (Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Santo Domingo, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Puerto Rico, with headquarters in Cuba).

​Benjamín Riffel served as a pastor, promoter of denominational publications, department director, and administrator in the South American and Inter-American Divisions.

​Geörg [George] Heinrich Riffel was the first self-supporting Adventist missionary in Argentina and who made the first converts in the country. He formed the original nucleus of the first organized church in the current South American Division territory.

Heinrich Christian Georg David Hort was the owner of the store where the first Adventist literature arrived in Brazil.

​A missionary, teacher, and North American administrator, Granville Henderson Baber was the first ordained Adventist pastor to lead the South American western coast mission.

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