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​Josiah Rice Hart was a pioneering tent meeting evangelist in the New England and Midwestern states.

George A. King was a pioneer colporteur and tireless promoter of literature evangelism.

Jane Richards was a former spiritualist medium and later an early Review worker who served as a compositor, copyist, proofreader, editor, and poet.

​Initially called the “Southern Sanitarium,” Graysville Sanitarium was the first Adventist health facility in the American South. It was located thirty-two miles north of Chattanooga on Queen and Crescent Road. Graysville became an important Adventist center dubbed “The Battle Creek of the South.”

​Iceland Publishing House (Frækornið-Bókaforlag Adventista) is a publishing firm, without a printing plant, operated in Reykjavík, Iceland, by the Iceland Conference. This institution was established in 1932, but even before that, the sale of publications was a prominent feature of Seventh-day Adventist work in Iceland.

Arnoldo Oscar Anniehs was a pastor and evangelist in Brazil. His grandfather, Augusto Annies, was one of the first Sabbath keepers in Brazil.

​José Maria Barbosa Silva was a pastor, teacher, and youth leader in Brazil.

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