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​Mateo José Leytes was a pastor, canvasser, and nurse in Paraguay.

Jorge Juan Lust was part of the first Seventh-day Adventist generation in Argentina and a fundamental supporter of the Diamante Academy (currently, River Plate Adventist University).

​Santiago Jakob Mangold, Swiss Adventist pastor, was part of one of the first groups of believers in the Argentine Republic and a missionary in several countries in the South American Division.

Víctor Enrique Ampuero Matta was a pastor, educator, educational manager, mentor of Adventist youth, editor, writer, lecturer, and leading scholar in South American Adventism.

​José Castrejón González was a pastor, administrator, evangelist, pioneer, and leader of the Adventist Church in Mexico.

Navojoa University is an educational institution of North Mexican Union Conference that operates in the northwest region of Mexico. This institution emerged from the following secondary-level educational institutions: Pacific Agricultural and Industrial School (1948-1967), Mexican Pacific Academy (1968-1983), and Pacific Academy (1984-2001).

​Ernest Max Trummer was a missionary and administrator in South and Central America.

​Ole Oppegard, a pioneer from Norway, served in Argentina as a literature evangelist and as the first Adventist missionary in South America dedicated to medical missionary efforts.

Luis Federico Ernst was one of the first Adventists in Uruguay. He was a prominent pastor and administrator of the church in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Daniel Feder was a descendant of one of the first Argentine Adventist families, pastor, and evangelist in Argentina.

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