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​Sarah Peck was an educational pioneer and curriculum author, and a literary assistant to Ellen G. White.

Floyd Greenleaf was a history professor, academic administrator, and author of several influential works on Seventh-day Adventist history.

​Diran Tcharakian was a poet, artist, author, university professor, and convinced atheist before he became a Seventh-day Adventist minister and modern-day Paul in Turkey’s Ottoman Empire. Following in the steps of Adventist pioneers Theodore Anthony and Zadour Baharian, he became known as “the new apostle” to the interior of Asia Minor, where in the end he sacrificed his life for the Adventist cause.

​Edwin was a professor at Washington Missionary College (1915-1920). Later he became a prominent lawyer and law professor, serving for most of his career at Northwestern University. Barbara was a musician and professor of harmony and music history.

​Lie Sek Hong, later also known as Dr. Elisha Liwidjaja, was a dedicated Adventist layperson who generously contributed his time and wealth to the development of the Adventist mission work in Indonesia.

George A. King was a pioneer colporteur and tireless promoter of literature evangelism.

Jane Richards was a former spiritualist medium and later an early Review worker who served as a compositor, copyist, proofreader, editor, and poet.

​Initially called the “Southern Sanitarium,” Graysville Sanitarium was the first Adventist health facility in the American South. It was located thirty-two miles north of Chattanooga on Queen and Crescent Road. Graysville became an important Adventist center dubbed “The Battle Creek of the South.”

​Iceland Publishing House (Frækornið-Bókaforlag Adventista) is a publishing firm, without a printing plant, operated in Reykjavík, Iceland, by the Iceland Conference. This institution was established in 1932, but even before that, the sale of publications was a prominent feature of Seventh-day Adventist work in Iceland.

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