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Hetty Hurd Haskell was a pioneer Bible instructor and second wife of Stephen Nelson Haskell.

Stephen Nelson Haskell exerted leadership in almost every aspect of the early Seventh-day Adventist Church, including publishing ministry, world missions, urban evangelism, and conference administration.

​The first wife of Stephen Nelson Haskell, Mary E. Howe was born in Massachusetts about 1812. Apparently a self-proclaimed invalid, she was being supported by a man, possibly her half-brother, for whom Stephen Haskell, while still in his teens, came to work as a farm hand.

​Mary Loizette Haskell Rentfro was a canvasser, missionary, and nurse in the United States, Portugal, and Brazil.

​Edwin Wilbur was trained as an educator, printer, nurse, and minister. Susan was a nurse, educator, and colporteur. Together the couple would go as pioneer missionaries to China serving as the denomination’s first official missionaries in mainland China. Edwin’s name in Chinese was: 邬尔布 (Pinyin Wūěrbù) and Susan’s Chinese name was: 邬秀珊 (Pinyin Wūxiùshān).

Carl Christian Hansen, Sr. (better known as C. C. Hansen) played an important part in the early years of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Denmark and gave of his time, effort and means to support the cause that he loved. He had a special interest in literature work and the health message, and worked as an evangelist, teacher and business administrator.

Josephine Gotzian was one of the wealthiest and most consistent financiers of early Adventism from the time of her conversion in the early 1880s to the end of her life. She was a close friend and confidant of Ellen G. White.

Ronald Byron Halvorsen was a former gang member and prominent evangelist in North America.

Romualdo Bertola was a pioneering Italian evangelist in the late 1800s.

Georgia Burrus Burgess was the first Adventist missionary to India (including present India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) and the first single-woman missionary of the Adventist church to a non-Christian country.

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