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John Harvey Kellogg was a Seventh-day Adventist physician, health promoter, nutritionist, inventor, author, eugenicist, and entrepreneur.

Merritt G. Kellogg, physician and pioneer medical missionary in California and the South Pacific, figured prominently in founding the institutions known today as Adventist Health St. Helena and Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Good Health was the first health periodical published by Seventh-day Adventists. Initially entitled the Health Reformer (1866-1878), it was issued monthly at Battle Creek, Michigan, in association with the Western Health Reform Institute (WHRI), renamed Battle Creek Sanitarium in 1877. The periodical served the dual purpose of advertising the health institution and instructing the church members and wider community about natural means for the prevention and treatment of disease.

​The Union Conference Record dated January 1, 1900, announced the dedication of the Avondale Health Retreat on December 27, 1899.

Australasian Medical Missionary and Benevolent Association (1897-1900) aimed to promote the principles of healthful living of the denomination and the establishment of the church's medical and charitable enterprises.

Friedrich Braucht was a medical missionary who established the Samoan Sanitarium in the 1890s.

Maria L. Huntley, pioneering home missionary, secretary, treasurer, editor, writer, religious liberty advocate, and educator, was born on August 9, 1848, in Lepster, New Hampshire.

​John Martin Cole was an early missionary to the South Pacific, a conference president in Australia, New Zealand, and the West Indies, and a minister in the United States, mainly in the Northwest.

Merritt Eaton Cornell was a tent evangelist, leading debater, and author of five doctrinal books.

Arthur Grosvenor Daniells, the longest-serving president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, made a profound and lasting impact on the church through his energetic leadership.

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