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Heinrich Erzberger was a Bible worker, pastor, missionary, and educator in Germany, Switzerland, and the Middle East.

The first record of the Levant Union Mission appears in the 1907 SDA Yearbook.

Salam Fargo, sister of the first pioneer layman in Iraq, served as a home missionary in her country of Iraq.

​Nyhyttan Health and Medical Centre was an Adventist health resort in the deep woods of an isolated region in Mid-Sweden. In 1898 when the Nyhyttan property was purchased, the Adventist church membership in the area was around 700, mostly people of lesser means. So it was indeed a venture in faith. It lasted for almost 100 years.

​Frank H. Robbins devoted 37 years to church administration – 19 as president of the Columbia Union Conference and another 18 as president of conferences in the Columbia Union.

Manoug O. Nazirian was a pastor, a missionary, a leading evangelist, a church administrator in various capacities, an educator, an author, and a college president in the Middle East Union.

The Afro-Mideast Division was a large unit of church organization in the Middle East and eastern Africa that existed from 1970 to 1981.

Wilhelm Heinrich Lesovsky served as pastor, youth director educator, missionary, and physician among Adventists in Germany, Czech Republic, the Middle East, and in the United States.

Belize is the only English-speaking nation in Central America, a member of the commonwealth of the British Empire, and a part of the Caribbean community.

The Middle East Division was a church organizational unit from 1951 to 1970.

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