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Let us explore the history of the Adventist Church in Europe. In 2019, the region marked its 90th anniversary. There are many tales about its expansions. Here is a sneak peek: Trans-European Division: A multi-cultural entity Known first as the Northern European Division, TED has experienced several restructuring. From Scandinavian and British Isles, it now includes 22 countries. These countries represent 14 administrative regions based on language and culture. Amid rampant secularized outlook in the continent, TED is rich with values. Adventist institutions keep influencing and witnessing in many communities. Fascinating missionary stories are teeming in the division. Let us get to know some of them. A compelling story of church growth in the islands In 1893, a Norwegian missionary brought the Adventist faith to the Faroe Islands. But, it is only in 1915 that baptism occurred. From then on, baptized members kept increasing. They named their first church Bethel. They became witnesses to their neighbors. Imagine how Adventist fishers from the Faroes introduced their faith in Greenland. And that happened before Greenland opened its doors to Christianity! Wondering how? Through literature. Written works have always been an important tool in spreading the Message. Read more here: Spreading Adventist stories In the Faroe Islands, colporteurs sowed the seeds. A young man was one of them. His fiancee broke their engagement when he accepted the Advent message. Though prone to seasickness, he defied the rough seas. Then he visited every island and shared his books in every home. He befriended the people, and even slept, and ate at their homes. His bestselling books are the children's books, 'Bedtime Stories', and 'My Bible Friends.' He stayed in the Islands for 45 years. By God's grace, he won and opened doors and hearts everywhere. Discover more about this Adventist missionary here:|jensen European authors and the online encyclopedia In this video podcast episode, we'll learn about the roles of our local church authors. We'll also hear stories of miracles in the Trans-European Division. Dr. Audrey Andersson shares how she has seen God's hand in Newbold College. She serves as a consultant editor for the online Adventist encyclopedia in TED. Let us also learn how diversity and interconnectivity play an important role in ESDA. Dr. David Trim and Dr. Dragoslava Santrac will lead us on this tour. Next on deck... Yearning for more inspiring and exciting mission stories? How about learning more effective research methods? Join us in our next heart-to-heart video podcast. Suppose you missed the previous episodes, no need to worry! Check the playlist at or visit ___ To follow our official social media accounts, just follow the links below: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: