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The Seventh-day Adventist church played an important role in Australian history and culture. The new online Encyclopedia of the Seventh-day Adventists bares record of the Australian mission. In this episode, let us join Dr. David Trim and Dr. Dragoslava Santrac, editors of ESDA. They will interview Dr. Barry Oliver, who is a scholar, pastor, administrator, and editor in the South Pacific Division. Australian mission legacy Dr. Oliver shares the three “I”s: Information, Identity, and Inspiration that we can get from the online encyclopedia. We can appreciate the Adventist history more as we place ourselves in the shoes of those who’ve gone before us. And say, “I want to continue the legacy”? Interesting missionary stories Dr. Oliver shares how God has worked through his experiences while working with Australian church members. Stories about his wife’s grandparents and their major contributions to Adventist history. Who were the first Australian missionaries in China and how long did they cross the great Yangtze River? And also how a simple song stopped the attack of cannibals. Online Encyclopedia: The legacy lives on According to Dr. Oliver, this is the largest project that the denomination has ever embarked on as a global church. It is a readable and searchable online encyclopedia for everyone. Yes, it is for everyone — professionals, students, and laypeople alike. It answers interesting questions and features a variety of topics. It tells about the Australian church and Adventist history in the South Pacific Division. Let’s have a quick look: We know that Avondale University College is in Australia and is the world’s second-largest Christian school system. But, do we know anything about the names behind its school buildings, such as Haskell Hall, Andre Hall, Ella Boyd Hall, and Chan Sun Auditorium? To know more, please click this link: Next on deck... Speaking of embarking, we also invite you to join us on our next video podcast episode. We will track the Adventist history down the lanes of India. And if you missed the first episode podcast of ESDA click here: ___ To follow our official social media accounts, just follow the links below: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: