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Ethnic diversity is a beautiful complexity. Ethnicities have been bringing vibrant colors to the online Seventh-day Adventist encyclopedia. In this podcast episode, let's join Dr. David Trim and Dr. Dragoslava Santrac, editors of ESDA. Together with them is the online reference's first Managing Editor, Dr. Benjamin Baker. Interestingly, Dr. Baker considers being part of ESDA like a dream job for him. ESDA as Adventist Learning Community The Adventist archive continues to grow with long-lasting articles from ethnic authors. ESDA has rich sources of inspiring stories from history. It includes real stories of people in the field. You'll find that its substance about inspiring stories from different ethnicities is indispensable. With this online resource, all have full access to revisit the past of Adventism in all corners of the world. One can have a clearer and better perspective about history, which impacts the present and the future. Important Contribution of Ethnic Authors to ESDA Having writers hailing from the field promotes equality on the importance of people. For example, ESDA relates undocumented or unwritten stories of African missionaries. This changes our mindsets from our judgment of people. As we read their stories from their perspective, we avoid social biases. This then builds bridges and not walls. A Miraculous Jewish Story Frederick Carnes Cohen Gilbert was a Jew who despised Christians, but he had to live under the wings of his Christian guardians. As he witnessed the lifestyle and compassion of these people, his heart melted. He eventually became a pioneering Jewish Adventist evangelist in 1965. Find out more details of this fascinating story here: Enlist Possibilities to use ESDA ESDA is more than a biography and stories. It includes invaluable practical lessons contributed by different ethnic authors. Next on Deck… Witness more interesting stories in our next video podcast. If you've missed the previous video podcast episode, you may check this playlist at: