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An encyclopedia would be incomplete without the input of an archivist. In this podcast episode, Dr. David Trim and Dr. Dragoslava Santrac interviewed Ashlee Chism, the Research Center Manager for ASTR. The Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research is a big partner of the latest Adventist online encyclopedia. Official Seventh-day Adventist church archives Located at the General Conference headquarters, ASTR serves as the records center of the world church. The archivists in the place work a lot like a librarian and historian. They make the articles available online for researchers, authors, and editors. Also, they assure that digitized files in the encyclopedia follow global and national laws, like the HIPAA laws in the United States. Stories out from the vault As an archivist, Ashlee writes articles for ESDA. She has written about her alma mater, Indiana Academy, the oldest boarding school in the USA. She also shares stories of missionaries and fascinating history. The beginning of the International Tract and Missionary Society Ashlee relates her second article which is about Sarah Jennie Thayer. This missionary loved writing and editing that she became the first editor of the Atlantic Union Gleaner. The stories from her diaries guided literature evangelists in bringing good tidings to every doorstep. Read more about Jennie Thayer here: Be a missionary! Write! Writing for ESDA is for anyone. Age, experience, and educational attainment do not matter. Ashlee, who has no doctorate degree, gives this piece of advice to aspiring writers: "The passion for the subject always gives a writer the arm to stick with it. It requires a lot of patience for waiting for a little clue to answer a big question while writing. Note that, not all the time you can find available resources for your articles. You may not find it right away, but if you love your job usually you will stick with it and keep finding. By having the willingness to be diligent, you can always gain knowledge and it is one of the most important in becoming a writer." Next on Deck... More lesson-packed stories await you in our next video podcast. Suppose you missed the previous video podcast episodes, no need to worry! Check the playlist at or visit ___ To follow our official social media accounts, just follow the links below: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: