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Have you ever wondered about the history of Adventism in India? When and where did it begin? How does it come to South Asia and in the different parts of the world? Who were the pioneers and what empowered them to live such lives dedicated to service? Find the answers in this episode as Dr. David Trim and Dr. Dragoslava Santrac interview Dr. Gordon Christo. Dr. Christo shares the story of his childhood surrounded by missionaries who did great for the church; guided and inspired by the Lord. Indian Ministry spearheaded projects Raymond Memorial Higher Secondary School, its history and development; You will know so much more about the journeys of the different institutions. Take a look through the photos, articles, and other written works of the elders of the Indian church. They are all ready to be published for everyone to read, no matter who or where you are! Are you ready? You can read about the amazing stories of the people who lived for others here: The New Adventist Encyclopedia This Encyclopedia is sharing the rich history of how the Indian ministry thrived. There are lots of questions and inquiries about it and ESDA will play a huge part in giving reliable information to people who seek to know. Readers will know its real story and give the believers a strong sense of identity as an Adventist. Let's have an overview of the Indian Adventist Church’s beautiful history and heritage. Tune in for our third episode of Adventist history podcast with Dr. David Trim, editor of ESDA and Dr. Dragoslava Santrac, managing editor of ESDA as they interview Dr. Gordon Christo, editor of Southern Asia Division. Next on deck... We would also like to invite you for our next video podcast episode as we will be talking about the African-American Church History. Be amazed by the firsthand experiences of the invited guest. And if you missed the previous episodes, no need to worry! Just click the links below: First episode: Second Episode: ___ To follow our official social media accounts, just follow the links below: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: